DIY Candy Cane Layered Body Scrub Recipe

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This homemade body scrub is quick and easy to make, but looks festive and unique. .

Scented with vanilla and peppermint essential oil, it's the perfect winter pick-me-up. 



Mix all ingredients except the cranberry powder (beet powder or food coloring). .

Place half of the mixture in a separate bowl. Add the cranberry powder or food coloring until you reach a pinkish red color to your liking.

Layer the pink/red and white scrub in a jar.

Cranberry powder provides a lighter pinkish tone, whereas beet powder will give you a darker shade. The powders also add some extra visual interest as they leave a few specks of darker color throughout the scrub. I get my cranberry powder and beet powder from Mountain Rose Herbs (as well as most of my other DIY supplies).

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