The Low Tox List

Beginning on a journey towards a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated. Here at No Fuss Natural, we believe in the power of simplicity and the profound impact that natural living resources and products can have on our well-being. Whether you're taking your first steps into eco-friendly living or you're a seasoned naturalista, our community is here to support and guide you every step of the way.

With a focus on healthy, natural, and accessible solutions, we're dedicated to bringing you the best of what nature has to offer—without the overwhelm. From homemade remedies to non-toxic household products, we'll explore how easy it can be to integrate wellness into every aspect of your life. So take a deep breath, relax, and let's dive into the world of natural living together!

Introducing The Low Tox List—your go-to directory for embracing a non-toxic lifestyle with ease and confidence. Here, you'll find a carefully curated collection of resources, including links to top-quality products, your favorite places to shop, and even tutorials for those who love a good DIY project. Whether it’s personal care, sick care, makeup, dental care, or eco-friendly toothbrushes, our comprehensive list spans the essentials and beyond. We're here to empower you with knowledge and access to the best in natural living so you can make informed choices that align with your values and health goals.

Natural Personal Care



Favorite Natural Makeup

Crunchi – Natural Makeup

Crunchi is a leading clean beauty company that is dedicated to creating high-performing makeup products using only safe and nourishing ingredients.

The company's mission is to provide consumers with a healthier alternative to traditional cosmetics, free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Crunchi's makeup line includes a wide range of products, from foundation and concealer to lipstick and eyeshadow, all carefully formulated to deliver exceptional performance without compromising on safety.

I use Crunchi foundation (has the best coverage of any natural foundation I've tried), eye shadow, bronzer, and make up brushes every day!


Skin Care:

Sometimes I make my own skincare and other times I buy it. I'll tell you about both.

Skin care to buy:

Skin care to make:

Hair Care:



DIY Natural Body Care & Home Remedy Supplies

Sick Care

Dye-Free Cold, Flu, and Pain Care

Genexa specializes in producing organic and non-GMO healthcare products. Their range includes over-the-counter medicines for children and infants. Genexa is committed to providing natural and clean alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals, using high-quality, plant-based ingredients.

  • Free of artificial colors
  • Free of artificial flavors
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • Clean alternative to Tylenol

Essential Oils

A Naturally Clean Home

Kitchen and Dishes

Clear Air

Keeping Mold at Bay


Food and Drink

Mold Free Coffee

Mold in coffee is a common issue that occurs when coffee beans or grounds are exposed to moisture for an extended period of time. Mold can have many negative impacts on our health. Opting for coffee that is from reputable and trusted sources can reduce the risk of mold contamination, as these suppliers typically adhere to quality control measures and storage practices.

Herbal Tea

Healthy Food


Where I shop for natural products and supplies