When it comes to natural living, do you get tired of the scare tactics?

The constant flow of negative information can be paralyzing!

“There's chemicals in this! Toxins in that! You must never eat your favorite food ever again!”

Who wants to start making changes when it appears to be so hard?!

Even with the fear-mongering, you still wish there was a way to live a natural, healthy lifestyle, without the overwhelm . . .


In Natural Living for Beginners we address the core elements for living a healthy life but do so in the simplest way possible.

You are already busy, you don't need to add more to your plate!



What's inside the course?

Natural Living for Beginners includes five modules (plus bonuses).

Each module covers one specific area and provides essential information and actionable steps, so you can make the necessary changes without endless hours of research and worry.

Home Environment

Learn how the home environment impacts your health (and what to do about it!).

Natural Cleaning

Learn simple & effective green cleaning strategies. Includes homemade and store-bought options!

module 3:
Personal care

Discover easy non-toxic skin care solutions. DIY recipes & tutorials, plus store-bought recommendations.

Real Food

Learn the basics of real food and how to introduce it to your family in the tastiest way possible.

HOme remedies

Create simple home remedies for the most common ailments.

module 6:
Putting it together

I won't leave you hanging! This module brings everything together so you can move forward with confidence.

But that's not all!

You'll also receive access to printable guides and planners, recipe eBooks, and worksheets.

Use the Natural Living Action Plan workbook to evaluate your specific situation and create a personalized plan, so you can make the changes most important to your and your family.


What others are saying:

This eCourse allowed me to learn without feeling overwhelmed. I was able to pinpoint the areas I needed to work on right away and get started immediately. - Gerri J.

I love that there are so many different ways to learn in this course! The videos and audios were great to listen to while I was cooking in the kitchen. I'm so thankful for the downloadable guides that I could take to the store, so I know exactly what to buy. - Emma S.

frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?
Anyone who is interested in natural living could benefit from this course. It is especially designed for beginners, but still includes a lot of information. If you consider yourself “advanced” then this may be too simple for you.
How long will I have access?
Lifetime access!
What do I get?

After purchasing the course, you will receive a login link to our private eCourse site.

Inside you'll find six modules, each containing multiple videos, audios, ebooks, and printables.

Watch (and read) at your own pace.

Will I get anything in the mail? Is this a physical product?

No. This is a digital ecourse. All ebooks, videos, audios are hosted on the website.

You can download audios to listen to on the go and print the guides and ebooks, as desired, but you will not receive anything in the mail.

Can I get a refund?
Try the course for 14 days. If you are not satisfied, contact me via instructions in the course and receive a full refund.