Do you enjoy face masks and scrubs but wish you could use a more natural variety than what is readily available in stores?

Would you like to make your own skin care products with ingredients that actually nourish your skin and are toxin-free?

If so, I've got just the thing for you!

DIY Face Masks and Scrubs is your guide to creating pampering beauty products at home at a fraction of the cost of store-bought (and without questionable ingredients).

What's Inside?

  • Over 55 recipes!
  • A thorough ingredient guide so you can create your own combinations
  • Instructions and tips for preparing the skin before applying scrubs and masks
  • Bonus section includes tutorials for making infused oils and honey (to include in your face scrubs and masks)
  • Step-by-step instructions make the whole process simple

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The recipes in DIY Face Masks and Scrubs are divided into four sections:

  • Food-based scrub recipes
  • Herb-based scrub recipes
  • Food-based mask recipes
  • Clay and herb-based mask recipes

This eBook contains over 90 pages of information so you'll feel well-equipped to prepare and apply scrubs and masks in your own home.

Many of the recipes can be made with ingredients you already have in the kitchen pantry!

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Take time out and enjoy a soothing or invigorating mask or scrub or why not have a spa night with friends and share the fun?

Notes are given throughout the book for which skin type each mask or scrub is suitable. Suggestions for going beyond the recipes and developing your own beauty treatments is also included.

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Get yours now and start creating nourishing face masks and scrubs to suit your skin type!