If you’re interested in natural, healthy living, but want to make changes without a lot of fuss and complication, you’ve come to the right place.

My desire is to provide simple and effective strategies so that you and your family can enjoy a happy and healthy life.

Here you’ll find practical resources, tutorials, and encouragement to support you on your natural living journey.


Healthy Living

Lots of helpful information on health topics that are relevant to women and families.

Natural Beauty

Here you'll find DIY natural body care recipes and step-by-step tutorials for creating simple, non-toxic beauty products. I also included recommendations of safe store-bought options for time to time.


Want some easy and effective home remedies? We've got lots. Recipes and tutorials for salves, tinctures, teas, baths, and more!


Musings and encouragement on motherhood, as well as a few weird, but effective games that will get kids to help clean the house without them knowing it!

Non-toxic cleaners

Use these easy recipes to keep your home clean and healthy without toxins or chemicals!

Healthy Recipes

Looking for simple, real food recipes? You'll find them here!

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About Stacy

I’m a mom of three kids, married to my preacher man. We currently live in California, but I grew up in Australia (which is where I developed a love of all things healthy!).

My interest in healthy living intensified once my children were born, as I wanted to protect them from the harmful effects of chemicals and toxins, hoping to give them the best chance for a healthy life I possible.

The interest I had in healthy loving has morphed into a slight obsession with all things DIY, especially those of the natural body care variety. You can see all the DIY posts here.

I am SO happy you are here! Truly. I love my readers.

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