Since being diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, I've noticed that the food I eat has a great impact on the way I feel.


It also has an impact on my lab results! I recently got my thyroid labs done again and found that my thyroid antibodies have drastically reduced!

I credit this (at least for the most part) to eliminating foods that were causing trouble (especially gluten and coffee!) and adding in more foods that nourish and nurture me.

It can be frustrating to navigate recipe books and tweak recipes to suit this new way of living. I'm truly thankful for the abundance of thyroid-friendly, whole food recipes that are now so readily available.

If need a jump-start on cooking and eating for the health of your thyroid, or just want some new healthy recipes, go check this out –> Free Thyroid-friendly Cookbook (Includes over 100 gluten, dairy, and soy free recipes!)

I'm not sure how long it will be available, so grab it now.

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