Below you will find a running list of safer personal care products. They are divided into categories for ease of use. I will continue to add to this list as I find other reliable brands.

Cowgirl Dirt – really fun colors available in lip gloss and eyeshadow. I used their foundation for years too.
RMS Beauty – lots of options for colors
Beautycounter – gorgeous makeup that performs well. I use their foundation in “linen” shade.
Vapour Beauty – beautiful cosmetics. The cream eyeshadow is especially lovely!
AuNaturale – great foundations and lipsticks
100% Pure – really nice variety of colors and products 

Beautycounter (I love the Countermatch line – I became a consultant because I like them so much – but I don’t use their stuff exclusively).
Pronounce skincare – handcrafted in small batches
Primal Life Organics 100% Pure – lower priced options 
OSEA Malibu – Luxurious natural skin care
Made On Hard Lotion – wonderful lip balms, lotion bars, and hair butter.
Mountain Rose Herbs – a great place to purchase supplies for DIY beauty products, they also carry a line of pre-made skin care items.
Bloom Naturals – absolutely lovely products
Live Botanical – beautiful herb-infused products (more affordable)
Kosmatology – really nice lotion bars.
Primal Life Organics Stick-Up Deodorant
Primal Pit Paste
Schmidts – I have tested these and found they work well for me. I love the Bergamot and Lime. (That said, they were just bought out by Unilever, so there are questions about their future).
Agent Nateur – any green beauty favorite

Tooth Care
Primal Life Organics Tooth PowderDavids toothpaste (buy at The Choosy Chick)
Desert Essence Neem Toothpaste – one I've used for a long time.
Dr. Bronner’s Toothpaste OraWellness – provides non-toxic tooth care products but is also a wealth of information regarding holistic solutions of oral care.
A few examples of helpful articles from OraWellness: 
4 Steps to Help Your Kids Live a Cavity-Free LifeHow to Heal a Canker Sore Naturally

Hair Care
Morrocco Method – sulfate-free, gluten-free, natural shampoos.
Beautycounter shampoo and conditioner – these are some of the best performing non-toxic hair care products I've ever used (and I've tried a lot!). Love the original shampoo and condition, but am also a fan of the volumizing line (helps my fine hair have some body!).
Beautycounter Kids Shampoo and Conditioner – this is what my younger kids use.
Josh Rosebrook Hair Care – a very popular line of hair care in the natural living world. These products work well and smell amazing.
Flourish Hair Care – I love the Rosemary Spearmint Shampoo
Mountain Rose Herbs – carries a number of natural hair care products
Acure Organics – they make the list because they work fairly well, but are not my top choice (performance-wise). However, they are better than other natural brands I’ve not listed here 

Great places to shop for multiple products:

  • iHerb – a good place to also get supplements and healthy pantry staples.
  • Beautycounter – I’m a consultant (but you don’t have to go through me. You can buy directly from their website if you like).
  • Thrive Market – fun because you can also order groceries at the same time!
  • The Choosy Chick – well curated and the owner is lovely!
  • 100% Pure – has some of the lowest prices
  • The Detox Market – one of my favorite places to shop for natural beauty
  • Pharmaca – has coupons and discounts regularly
  • Amazon – The natural beauty section has some good finds. But ceck the ingredinets Not everything they cosider natural is really natural.
  • Target – Target is bringing on a lot of natural beauty brands. You can even find them instore. It’s very exciting!