Saving money on natural, healthy products is always a wonderful thing. Below you'll find the discount codes I have secured for you.

Primally Pure

If you're looking for truly natural, high-quality skincare, Primally Pure is it.

I especially love their dry shampoo and deodorant (I use them as part of my every day natural beauty routine).

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See my review of Primally Pure here.

Aromatics International

Aromatics International carries essential oils of excellent quality. They publish reports for each oil that you can view before purchasing.

You'll also find many essential oil and DIY body care tools and ingredients (such as carrier oils, glass stirring sticks, and more).

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Pique Tea

Pique Tea provides amazingly clean, health promoting teas.  Use code STACYK for 5% off sitewide.

Their matcha tea is ceremonial grade and is the matcha to be Quadruple Toxin Screened for heavy metals, pesticides, toxic mold and radioactive isotopes.

Perfect Supplements

Perfect Supplements carries a number of high-quality supplements at excellent prices.

I use their collagen, gelatin, bone broth powder, and vitamin D regularly.

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Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an awesome resource for saving money on pantry staples.

I love to buy oils, nuts, jams, flours, toothpaste, and healthier packaged snacks from them.

It's especially helpful if you live in a smaller town (like me) and don't have easy access to a health food store.

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Healthy Eating Programs

Counting Colors Course by Sara McGlothlin

The Beauty of Blood Sugar Balance by Sara McGlothlin

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See my thoughts on the Counting Colors Program here: Help for Disordered Eating.

Wildly Organic

Delicious and high-quality food ingredients.

My favorites from Wildly Organic:

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Healthy Human Water Bottles and Tumblers

I adore Healthy Human Water Bottles and Tumblers. In fact, I own 4 of them in different sizes and colors!

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