Delightful Links for the Weekend {7/23}

I hope you are all keeping safe and cool!

Here are a few of my favorite reads for this week:

The Hot, Hot Summer:

Sunburn Soothers: Herbal Remedies for Summer's Ailments by Meg (contributing at Keeper of the Home)

I was very excited to find this post since I have not tried many herbal remedies for sunburns as yet.

Using Peppermint to Treat Heat Exhaustion – my post a Frugal Granola (I forgot to link a few weeks ago).

Non-toxic Homemade Bubbles and 5 More Fun Backyard Activities by Emily of Live Renewed (contributing at Simple Organic)

Food to Make and Eat:

Lavender-Vanilla Cookies at Frugal Granola – So unique!

Inspiring and Helpful:

Amy Bayliss has created some very useful planning forms and other printables, including some lovely labels for homemade cleaners!

My friend Gabe (a delightful mother) shares about her family's morning Bible reading time (I'm amazed!). She also has a fun giveaway for a children's Creation Bible from Answers In Genesis.

Favorite Quote of the Week:

I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.

-George Bernard Shaw

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Aromatherapy for Natural Living

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