Below you'll find some of my favorite tools, herbs, and tea blends. Many of these are mentioned in my Herbal Tea ebook and have a place in my kitchen.


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Stump Tea Pot

Large enough for 2 cups of tea. The strainer works well for steeping fine loose-leaf teas.

Tea Ball Infuser

Great for making one cup of tea.

Buy one with small holes, so fine tea leaves don’t escape into the water. Also get a long handle, so you can use it with larger mugs.

Tea Basket Infuser

These are great for brewing single cups of tea (I prefer them over the tea ball). This one in particular is excellent because of it’s large capacity and the fact that it has a lid (which keeps the heat in).

Tea Mug with Infuser

This lovely set comes with a mug, tea basket infuser, and lid. I have this very one and love it!

I have purple, but it comes in lots of colors!

Press-n-brew tea bags

Use Press-n-brew tea bags to create your own tea blends easily and without too much fuss. Simply fill, then iron to seal.

French Press

A French Press is a simple way to brew herbal tea. Plus, it looks pretty.

french press stainless steel

If you have trouble with breaking the glass on a regular French Press (ahem, ask me how I know?), you might want to try a stainless steel version.

Tea Infuser bottle

These sturdy glass bottle is like a tea post and mug in one. Infuse tea in one side and drink out of the other.

Matcha Tea Set

This Matcha tea set has everything you need to get started drinking this healthy beverage.

Loose Tea and Herbs

chamomile flowers

Chamomile flowers are sweet, with an apple-like flavor.

There are delicious as a stand-alone tea or mixed into a blend.

chicory root

A powerful antioxidant, chicory root is often paired with dandelion root to create a coffee-substitute.

roasted dandelion root

Roasted dandelion root has an earthy flavor. It is delicious on it’s own, but is often paired with chicory root to create an herbal coffee.

hibiscus flowers

The tart flavor of hibiscus flowers are a wonderful addition to many tea blends. It also adds a beautiful red color to teas.

lemon balm

Known as the “happy herb,”lemon balm is calming to the heart and body.


Great for many ailments, nettle is thought to improve circulation, and purify the blood.

pau d'arco

Anti-fungal and antimicrobial, Pau d’Arco is often used in treating Candida.


A favorite herb to ease digestive woes, peppermint is also a great breath-freshener and helps energize the body.

raspberry leaf

Thought to strengthen the uterus, and relieve diarrhea. 


High in antioxidants and trace minerals, this red bush tea is full of flavor.

Use alone or as a base for tea blends

vanilla rooibos

Vanilla and Rooibos pairs together beautifully.


A bright mint flavor, spearmint is used in alone or in tea combinations.

crazy chamomile

This tea blend combines chamomile and peppermint for a unique and zesty flavor.

green rooibos

This mix blends the benefits of green tea with Rooibos to create a powerful antioxidant brew.

hibiscus mint

Tangy and minty, this tea is a treat for the taste buds as well as the senses.

spearmint serene

This tea blend is refreshing and invigorating as well as calming and relaxing.

Pre-Made Tea Bags


The flavor is delightfully sweet, but not overpowering. One of my favorites!


Helpful in shortening the length of a cold or flu. take at first sign of illness.


Useful in treating Candida, Pau d’Arco tea bags are good to keep on hand (and drink daily).


Dark and bold, Pureh tea has a rich flavor.


Kava combines with cinnamon and sarsaparilla to add warmth and spice, and carob pod for rich flavor and aid in relieving stress. 


This tea works well to soothe a sore throat. I always keep some on hand.


This unique blend pairs Rooibos with chicory root, rosehip, cinnamon, lemongrass, peppermint, chamomile, ginger root, anise seed, and orange peel.


My husband’s favorite tea; this blend pairs green tea with mint to create a refreshing drink.