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vanilla cranberry

Mishap of the week: I accidentally poured myself a glass of vanilla instead of cranberry juice. The bottles are the same shape and were both sitting on my counter! I got a nice surprise when I took a sip. (Take heart if you do things like this, too. I am involved in some sort of mix up most days!).

Yesterday I sat on the beach for 4 hours. It was bliss. A nice change from being completely bed-ridden (which I was for an entire week when I became ill about a month ago. That story is coming. I promise).

I have some wonderful reading for you this week. Many of these posts are kind of serious, which reflects the place I am in right now. Being flat on your back in pain lends itself to some introspection and pondering of life.

I hope you enjoy reading these and that they provide you with some food for thought.

How I know my wife married the wrong person @ Cross Shaped Stuff

Starting your day off well over 6, 000 times @ I Take Joy

This kid just died. What he left behind is Wondtacular @ Upworthy

Killing the soul of children @ I Take Joy

The End @ Jon Acuff

Some not-so-deep links:

How to save money on meat @ The Humbled Homemaker

How to make an herbal wreath @ Keeper of the Home

The Natural Mothering eBook Bundle is coming this week.


This package is similar to the last bundle in that it has a ton of books for one low price, but this time it is focused on natural mothering. The bundle includes over 35 ebooks and resources (valued at $525) for only $29.97.

The sale runs from June 10-17. I'll share more details on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. Wow ,I dont feel so bad being so miserable in my life after reading that .I feel like my life was such a waste .Only thing came out of it was my son Nicholas and then not sure sometimes he don’t know I exsist . So 14 yrs with his dad and I meet my soul mate. Randy and I are 2 peas in a pod,feathers that flocked together. 20 yrs of just a partnership of love,and trust but never marry .Why? I am getting sicker and chemo rough so SSD won’t pay much so now he has diabeties so he gets SSD .Now its November 10th and he stands up and says :: ” I love you “” and I say “” I love you too peanut head and he fell over dead ..just like that world came crumbling down months ago,I loss mom .wow Then 3 weeks ago I loss my brother Jerry and Randy and I still cannot believe it..Now he has to go and say “I love you “” like the trumpet playing at my own funeral .,the trumpet needs to really play cause there really is no reason to keep fighining .I am so alone and sad ..and tired. Manage to get pnemoina again for the 5th time after I lost Randy ..and I somehow I am blessed again heart blessed again.chemo blessed again life support blessed again …and they take what I thought were my blessings in life … family… play the trumpet ..