How Music Enhances Home Life (Plus: Lenovo 500 Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway!)

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 Music has accompanied me through many ups and downs.

Music soothes me.

Uplifts me.

Enhances special moments.

And even helps me change my attitude.

Music (and audio books) play an important role in my home life.

Here are a few ways music makes home life more enjoyable:

cookies and music

Who doesn't like baking or cooking to some fun tunes?

Make Chores Fun (and get them done faster)

I despise doing dishes, but obviously they must be done. There's no getting out of it.

Listening to music helps me get through unpleasant tasks. Listening to podcasts and audiobooks also makes mundane duties more enjoyable and I feel like I'm being extra productive…nourishing my mind while taking care of what must be done. (That's how I feel if I listen to something educational anyway.)

Music and audiobooks or podcasts have helped me through many a laundry mountain and dig out of a messy kitchen!


Music helps the kids get their chores done faster and with less complaints.

One of our favorite musical chore game is the One Song Clean up.

What is the One Song Clean-Up, you ask?

It's playing a song and running around like crazy, cleaning up the room, putting away the toys, straightening the couch cushions, etc, for one song only.

This works very well when we don't feel like cleaning up! If I'm only asking for all of us to put in effort for one song, it's not so overwhelming. And you'd be surprised at how much can be tidied up in one song! Especially if there are a few of you doing it.

And if you want to be sneaky, you can make a playlist of longish clean up songs. But don't tell anyone I recommend that! Especially not my kids!

I love to listen while chopping veggies for dinner:

lenovo-cooking dinner

Dance party with the kids!

You can't get much better than a fun dance party in the living room with the kids. I mean, seriously, they love it. And its' great exercise.

I can easily pair my phone with a bluetooth speaker and party-on to the pre-made playlists I have stored. It's simple, convenient, and makes for all around happy times.

It's also an awesome accompaniment during workouts!


Productive multitasking

As mentioned above, listening to audiobooks or podcasts helps me feel that I am doing some productive multitasking.

Being a stay-at-home mom with three kids, I don't often have much time to read or educate myself as I'd like to. But, by utilizing audiobooks and educational podcasts, I'm able to learn and grow while doing basic household chores.

Planning is more enjoyable with music. Or, I can even make this speaker into a speakerphone and confirm appointments while working on my calendar!



A Bluetooth Speaker Makes all the difference!

Having a quality bluetooth speaker has allowed me to use music and audiobooks in more powerful ways that I have before.

Whenever I'd try to listen to audiobooks or videos on my computer, they were never loud enough. I'd always be frustrated because I'd try to make the boring task of washing dishes more enjoyable by listening to something, but every time I tuned on the tap, the sound of the water would block out the audio. So frustrating!

But now, I have this awesome little speaker, I can hear my music or audiobook over the water and other noise. In fact, it can get way louder than I even need it too.

The Lenovo 500 Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker I'm currently using is the Lenovo 500 Bluetooth speaker. The quality of sound is amazing. It's crystal clear, best-in-class, and has a 270-degree sound experience. 

This speaker has made a big difference in my home life. I have found it to help me be more productive as well as make life more enjoyable.

I love that it's portable and I can easily move it from room to room. 

Plus, it has the added feature of turning into a speaker phone at the touch of a button. 

I didn't know if I'd use that feature too much, but I love it. I can continue to fold laundry while chatting on the phone, without getting a crick in my neck!

It also works well for all the kids to chat (or sing) to their grandparents!

I love that my daughter can play and talk to grandma at the same time:

lenovo playtime

This an all-in-one speaker goes from Bluetooth speaker for music into speakerphone for making calls! How cool is that?

A few more things you should know about the Lenovo 500 Bluetooth Speaker:

  • It's highly portable – you can take this speaker just about anywhere
  • It's sleek design blends in with any surrounding
  • Embedded microphone allows speaker to be used as a microphone
  • Rechargeable 1800 mhA battery
  • Has up to 4 hours of playback time with each recharge
  • Unplug and go technology! Built with CSR 4.0 Bluetooth® technology so you can take it anywhere
  • Only weighs 1.6 pounds


Lenovo 500 Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

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Giveaway ends on August 13 at 11:59 pm.

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how music enhances home life - lenovo

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  1. I would take the speaker out into my garden and listen to my favorite music while cleaning the flower beds!

  2. I could see this many places, but especially in the kitchen. And I LOVE the One song clean up game. I am going to definitely try that out!

  3. We love music and audio books at out house. We are always carrying the computer or cd player from room to room. This would be great.

  4. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful little speaker – I would definitely love to use this while doing my housework, this way more would get done!! And my kids would be more likely to help me to too!! Loving this speaker!!

  5. Music is an amazing force in life! When my Gram suffered from dementia and often couldn’t remember things, she always remembered the words to ger favorite song or could whistle her favorite melodies.

  6. I would take this speaker to our outdoor BBQ’s, and I would also incorporate it into my art studio to provide me with great, portable sound while I work. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  7. Added music in our daily activities would be a huge blessing. As well as being able to hear sermons and online health summits! Thank you for the oppotunity!

  8. My kids love dancing and listening to kids songs and I’m sure this goes a lot louder than my phone on their dresser. Plus it would be nice to have my phone free instead it pretending to be bootleg speaker 🙂

  9. I would take the speaker into my kitchen and out in the garden, to listen to while cooking and doing dishes, and weeding and gardening.

  10. I would use the speaker to listen to music while I clean house as well as take it outside onto the patio to enjoy music while relaxing.