DIY Ingredients and Tools

On this page, you'll find my favorite and most used ingredients and supplies for creating natural body care products.

Accessories & Tools

Small funnel – for filling small bottles. I like this set of three.

Dishpan – great for foot soaks

Glass measuring cups with a pour spout – I use these all the time!

Muslin bags

Lip balm tray



Weck Tulip Jelly Jars
Regular wide-mouth canning jars 
Quilted 4-oz Jelly jars
Stylish wide-mouth canning jars (pictured with brown sugar scrub above)
Jar with scoop
Mini-2-oz mason jars (pictured below)

Tins – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Shaker top lid with this flip top lid from reCAP

Spice jar bottles – a great option for baby powder

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 7.27.31 AM

Plastic wide mouth canning jar lids

Artek travel tube

Other decorative goodies:

Colorful craft twine
Brown craft paper gift tags


Silicone mold – for making scrub bars

100% Handmade Silicone Molds – These are the molds I used to make the lotion bars pictured below. Can get a 6-pack or set of 24. (The 24 pack is a much better deal).


Round Chalkboard labels

Rectangular and square chalkboard labels

Kraft paper labels, assorted sizes

Round kraft sticker labels

Fruit Powders

Strawberry powder – Amazon or Wilderness Family Naturals
Mixed Berry Powder – Wilderness Family Naturals
Blueberry Powder – Wilderness Family Naturals
Orange Peel Powder – Amazon or Mountain Rose Herbs

Herb and FloWer Powders

Aloe Vera Powder
Lavender flower powder – Amazon or Mountain Rose Herbs
Rose flower powder – Mountain Rose Herbs
Chamomile flower powder – Amazon or  Mountain Rose Herbs


White sugar

Brown Sugar – this set of 2 x 2lb bags will keep you busy for a while!

Raw Sugar


Himalayan Pink Salt

Epsom Salt

Dead sea salt


Tamanu oil – Mountain Rose Herbs or Pronounce Skincare

Avocado Oil – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Jojoba Oil – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Sweet Almond Oil – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Apricot Kernel Oil – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Safflower Oil – buy on Amazon or Mountain Rose Herbs

Sunflower Oil – buy on Amazon or Mountain Rose Herbs

Coconut oil – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon or Wilderness Family Naturals

Butters and Waxes

Beeswax – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Shea butter – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Cocoa butter – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon


I purchase most of my herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs. 

Some of the ones used most often in my home and in the recipes here on the blog:

Organic dried Calendula flowers – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Calendula flower power – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Rose petals, dried – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Lavender buds, dried – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Chamomile, dried – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon


Gret for homemade face masks. Here's how to make a basic mask.

White cosmetic clay – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Kaolin clay and Rhassoul clay are generally the safest options as they are milder than other clays and usually well tolerated by all skin types (including sensitive skin).

French Green Clay is highly absorbent and removes oil and toxins very effectively. It is best suited to oily skin. It can be a little too strong for dry skin.

Bentonite Clay is one of the least expensive clays. It is suitable for normal to oily skin.

Fuller’s Earth Clay is best reserved for oily and acne prone skin.

Misc. Powders

Citric acid – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Arrowroot powder – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Zinc Oxide – used to make homemade sunscreen – this brand is non-GMO, non-nano and kids safe


George's aloe vera juice

Apple cider vinegar

Aloe Vera Gel – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Witch hazel – Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon

Natural colors

India tree natural food dye

Brown – cacao powder, ground coffee
Green – spirulina, chlorella, sage powder, matcha green tea
Orange – annatto seed powder
Pink – Cranberry powder – Mountain Rose Herbs or Wilderness Family Naturals
Purple – Alkanet root powder –  Amazon or Mountain Rose Herbs or Dried blueberry powder 
Red – Beetroot powder – Amazon or Mountain Rose Herbs

Essential Oils





Pink Grapefruit



Sweet Orange