I’ve Been Hibernating. How About You?

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I didn't mean to disappear off the face of the blog, but I did. I figured you were all too busy with Christmas to notice.

So how was your Christmas?

Ours was fun. My littlest child (2 years old) absolutely loved the whole thing. Full of squeals and dancing, she kept us entertained.

This year we had our first live tree, made ornaments, and stayed home a lot.

I love these snowmen my older two made with their grandma:

At times I worried that we were not doing enough. But then I remembered that what my kids most want and need is time with their parents, not fancy activities.

As the holidays crept closer I did begin to feel a little tired (staying up late many nights in a row might have had something to do with that!) The internet seemed to get louder, too. As if each time I opened the laptop the noise would start pouring out. Not really, but you know. Sometimes it all gets to be too much.

So, I kept the computer off. A lot.

This was really nice and I'd say it was the best thing I did all December.

When I did turn the computer on we hunted for tutorials on Pinterest.

My daughter and I made a few of these cute flowers and attached them to hair clips (it is super easy):

This is the tutorial we followed: Spiral Felt Flower Tutorial.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

I'm looking forward to 2012. How about you?

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  1. I love disappearing. It is so refreshing. It is also very humbling in that you realize the world…especially the cyber world…continues to spin without you:)

    1. It is refreshing (and humbling). I love to remember that the world hardly needs me, but my kids, they really do!

      Thanks for commenting. I still wish I’d chatted with you at Relevant!!!

  2. Same here! Every time I turned the computer on, I heard noise! Not everything was noise, but the noise seemed to overpower everything else. So I took a hibernation of sorts for the first time in two years without feeling guilty.
    Glad you guys enjoyed Christmas as a family.