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My life has been easier since I got a Blendtec blender.

Yes. It's true.

I went many years using cheap blenders, that kept breaking and having to be replaced.

I kept putting off buying a Blendtec because I didn't think I could afford it. However, looking back on all the cheap blenders I purchased, I could have saved money by going with the Blendtec in the first place! Oh, well. Live and learn.

Here are a few reasons why I love my Blendtec so much:

It blends well!

Yes, blenders are meant to blend, but cheap blenders usually don't blend all that well. They blend soft things OK, but harder ingredients (like ice or firm vegetables) or leafy greens often don't get sufficiently smooth.

Not so with the Blendtec. It can blend almost anything.

You can even blend a whole carrot and end up with carrot juice!

The Blendtec makes great green smoothies!

It blend grains into flour

Blendtec can be used to create natural flours buy blending wheat berries, oats, or seeds into flour.

The Blendtec allows you to forgo a grain mill in many instances, which saves room and money!

Can use it to make nut butter

Because the Blendtec is able to get things so smooth, it's perfect for making nut butter.

Can use to make batter

I find the Blendtec very handy for making pancake batters

Turns off by itself

Once you choose a specific setting, the Blendtec can run through it's cycle and turn off by itself. That means you don't have to stand there are press the button, but can tidy the kitchen, flip pancakes, or something else you want to do.

The Blendtec‘s wide and square shape make it easy to use

The top opening of the Blendtec is wide and square. This makes it easy to get ingredients in and also easy to clean.

Do you own a Blendtec?

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