Just Breathe (Plus FREE Lock Screens to Help You Stay Peaceful this Week)

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Just Breathe (Plus FREE Lock Screens to Help You Stay Peaceful this Week) | aDelightfulHome.com

Do you sometimes need a reminder to just breathe?

Do you find yourself holding your breath? From worry, busyness, or fear?

I know I do.

Life can get hectic. Worries press in.

Overwhelm weighs heavy on our shoulders.

I don't have answers.

But I want to gently nudge you to make an effort to pause. To take a deep breath. To pray.

As we head into the holiday season, anxiety and exhaustion can overtake us. That's not what holidays are for! Yet, it happens so much of the time.

Could you create some type of reminder that will encourage you to take a moment to take a break? To rest? To breathe?

A sticky note on the fridge? A note in your calendar or planner?

I created a lock screen for my phone a few days ago, and it's really helped me. Such a simple thing. But, I see it every time I pickup my phone to check messages, FB or email. That's quite screw timescale day that I'm being reminded to breathe.

I got to thinking that some of you might need this reminder too. So, I made a couple more lock screens and decided I should share them here.

I hesitate to do this because I'm not a graphic designer. I made these to fit my iPhone 6 Plus. So, I don't know if they will fit other phones! But I think they will.

Hope they help you this week!


Save image to your phone's camera roll. Set it as the wallpaper on your phone's lock screen. 

breathe script breathe pink breathe - fall leaves Breathe breathe blue

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