4 Things Your Heart Will Thank You For

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The heart is the home of your emotions, feelings and deepest darkest secrets. But it's also where you can suffer from the most pain and health complications. The largest organ in the body, the heart is an impressive jumble of muscles. The secret to losing weight isn’t dieting. It's actually a healthy heart, because what happens when you are trying to lose weight? You will pant and be out of breath before you know it. You need to have stamina in order to keep jogging, keep cycling and get a great workout. You need your heart rate to be above a certain threshold in order to actually activate your body into burning fat! So here’s how to improve your heart and make it stronger.

Get moving!

Whatever you decide to do to make your heart stronger, just get moving! No, literally, just get moving. Doing any kind of physical activity will jump-start your heart into a higher beat per minute routine or mode. It will also force your heart to churn through the cholesterol, breaking it up with every beat and flushing it away. Your arteries will feel a little pressure but your heart will feel cleaner, lighter and stronger the more you workout. 

Stick to a routine. Get up every morning at the same time and just go for a walk or for a run. This will help you to lay into the habit and give your heart a boost in the mornings. It will also make it a routine to work hard and get your heart pumping. When your heart gets used to going from a resting pace to a workout pace, it will feel less and less stressed the more you do it. The hard part is actually getting moving in the first place.

Try something new

Try eating something new that will automatically boost our heart’s health. Try something that is natural like Bee Propolis which has been shown to improve your cardiovascular health. This sticky substance is like honey but not quite. It has a whole range of vitamins and minerals that will improve your endocrine, immune, respiratory and reproductive system. All you need are a few drops of this stuff into your cereal, coffee or toast. It's concentrated so you only need to add a few drops a day, but the benefits are long-lasting and you can start feeling it right away. The best products are always natural and this honey supplement is no exception.

Strength training


Much like other exercises, strength training involves a lot of fast movements and this puts pressure on your heart. The difference is that strength training involves heavy weight, low number of repetitions and small sets. So you only need to do 4-6 reps, but you must lift a weight that is 80-90% of what your maximum lift ability is. So if you can only do one rep for your bench press at 80 kilos or 176lbs, then do a bench press set of 4-6 of 64-72kg. This will push your body in a safe limit, while also forcing our heart to pump blood at a higher pressure. This will strengthen the walls of your heart, give your heart muscles a workout of their own. It's common for powermen to have larger hearts because of the constant strength training. They have very healthy hearts because of this. 

Stretching daily

If you are older, frail or just don’t have the time to workout every day, fine, you can still stretch. Stretching is simply forcing new blood into your muscles and thus, making your heart rate rise which will, in turn, give your heart a workout. Basic stretches are recommended, if you are short for time but doing things like yoga, aerobics and other at-home activities will stretch your body out, really well. Pilates is very stretch intensive, more so than yoga even. Make sure you are prolonging each stretch. This should be for 30 seconds each. Really sink into the stretch, bear the pain and make sure you are really not holding back. You will feel your heart pumping and the pulse in your temple when you fully commit to each stretch.

Your largest muscle is also the most precious. Your heart is something that is a bit of gateway because if we want to lose weight from running and other workouts, we need our heart to keep up with you. 

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