A Simple Way for Kids to Do Good

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Have you noticed how easy it is for kids to make people happy? Sure they can make people miserable on the odd occasion, but let's not talk about that right now 🙂

My kids love to make cards and draw pictures for people.  I love seeing them give a handmade card to an unsuspecting person.  It is fun to watch the smile spread across their face.  I guess it doesn't matter if the giver is only five years old, we all like to be thought of. Perhaps it's even more special coming from a five year old!

Today was Do Good Day and while we were not able to do anything grand, my daughter made a special card for a lady who has been spending time with them recently.  Someone who could really use a little encouragement.  I know a small act of kindness from a child means a lot and is appreciated.

I have been considering making Sundays card/letter writing day and having the kids think of people that might need a little pick-me-up.  I just need to remember to do it!  Perhaps if I write it on my calendar it will actually happen.

It is so important for children to look outward, to think of others, to sympathize with those who are hurting or lonely.  This is just a small (but effective) way to help them develop those skills.

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  1. Oh, my little ones love to to this too. They enjoy the “making/creating” part as well as the giving part. It is amazing how a little note, a kind smile, a picture can make such a difference in someone’s day {and often life!}.

  2. Oh, how sweet this is. I smiled after reading this thinking how much I love children and how awesome it would be to receive a card from a little one. When my grandchild (4yrs old) draws me pictures or writes me a “letter” (and then reads it to me) it brings so much joy to my heart.
    I think this is so awesome that you are encouraging this in your children. I wish every mother would do this.

    I am so thankful for mothers like you who see the importance of doing such things with their children. It is in the small things of life that make a huge impact in this world. The world is a brighter place because of people like you. Showing how to love others is the most important thing to teach a child.

    Thanks again for yet another wonderful post.