Creating a Grace-filled Morning Routine

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Creating a Grace-filled Morning Routine |

I had plans.

Many plans.

I was going to rise before the sun and pursue my dreams and passions.

I was going to study my Bible, pray, and exercise.

My mornings were getting a makeover.

But then . . .

One of my children began to suffer with some extreme difficulties. One of the worst times of day was the evening. Bedtime was pushed later and later as my child could not sleep. (Read COULD NOT not WOULD NOT). It was intense. We began to find ourselves in crisis mode.

I spent many hours consoling, praying, working, helping, pacing, and stressing.

My hopes for early nights and early morning quiet times vanished.

At first I was tempted to give up completely. To say, “I don't get to have a morning makeover. I don't get to do mornings at all!” I wanted to stomp my foot in frustration (and truthfully, it was part desperation too. I was exhausted).

I felt childish.

But also sad. I knew time in the mornings could greatly impact my life (and the lives of my family members), but there was no way to create this space. (At least not as I had envisioned.)

After a few weeks of simply trying to survive, I decided to make some changes.

I couldn't get up before the crack of dawn; I needed to the extra sleep in order to function as a human being. But, there were things I could do. All hope was not lost.

In Crystal Paine's, Makeover Your Mornings eCourse, I learned that I didn't need to rise early to have a good morning. It was possible to work with my current situation.

Crystal emphasizes again and again that making the most of your mornings is more about being intentional than about getting up early.

Let that sink in . . .

Making the most of your mornings is more about being intentional than about getting up early.

It's taking some patience (and a fair amount of tweaking), but I am learning to create a morning routine full of grace. It is simply not possible for me to get up early and be a support to my struggling child. And that's ok.

I can create a routine that has value and enhances my life as well as that of my family.

Here are a few ways I'm creating a morning routine that's full of grace and the tips I am recommending to you:

1. Evaluate current life circumstances

Take note of the season of life you are in.  Do you have young children or a family member with special needs or in crisis?

When considering that you are only one person, how much is actually feasible for you to do and remain healthy?

Please remember that life seasons change. You will not be where you are forever. Don't give up. Keep evaluating and seeing where you can make time for the things that are important.

2. Don't try to do it all.

Think about your true priorities. What is most important to you and what would have the greatest impact in your life right now? Are there one or two things you can implement to get the morning off to a good start?

It may be as simple as knowing what's for breakfast!

That's huge, actually.

bible reading and praying

For me, I wanted more time in God's word. Yes. I'd prefer to get my Bible reading in before the kids are awake, but it's not going to happen on a consistent basis right now.

Instead, I'm leaving my Bible at my place at the table and reading when I can. I try to do it first thing, but if I don't, it's still there waiting for me. If I get interrupted, I can return to it.

I keep it open, so I'm reminded to actually read it.

 3. Prepare the night before

This is key for getting things done in the morning without having to get up too early. I aim to put my Bible on the table (where I read in the morning), get my mug ready, fill the tea pot, and plan breakfast before I go to bed. If I can do these things, my morning will get off to a decent start, even if I haven't slept all that well.

Making a to-do list the night before also helps immensely. Recording tasks for the following day allows me to sleep better too. I think this is because I'm not worried about forgetting something.

4. Remind yourself of what is true

It's easy to compare your morning to that of someone else. To look on Instagram and see the pictures of moms exercising while their kids color quietly. Or people writing while dawn breaks outside the window. Please, I'm begging you to remember that while these are awesome things, they are just moments. Even the most glorious social media posts often have a back story. One that's not quite so pretty.

Social media is more of a highlight reel that a view of real life.

Remember the truth of who you are. That you have value, even if your life is in shambles.

Remember the truth of your current circumstances.

Remember that you are human and have limitations. Yes, you can soar, but you must rest too.

Remember to give yourself grace.

If you'd like to give your mornings a makeover, I highly recommend the Makeover Your Mornings eCourse from Crystal Paine.

It's full of motivation, encouragement, and practical tools.

If you can't getup super early right now, this course will not make you feel guilty about that!

Right now you can get the first day free! Click here for details. 

The Makeover Your Mornings course will be on sale for a great price this coming Tuesday! So, look out for that.



I'd love to hear how your thoughts! What tips do you have for being intentional with mornings even when you can't get up early?

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  1. your story gave me chills more than once. I have a high needs child and find at times we live in survival mode. Which can be very hectic and frustrating. So I’ve been working on living more “present” but I realize I prefer your wording of “living intentionally” far better. Thank you for reminding me I’m not alone.

  2. What a wonderful, grace-filled post! You have reminded me to finish my Make Over Your Mornings course, which I only half completed. I have tried to implement some of the strategies, but am challenged to finish it! (And also to write about it on my own blog. )
    I love the truth that we can be purposeful even if we haven’t gotten up early. I’ve been in transition for awhile now (currently between jobs, and have had several job changes in the past couple of years), so I’ve found it difficult to create that “perfect” morning schedule. Thank-you for encouraging me that I can still have a good morning routine with a little planning and discipline, even in this life season!