Changes for Delighting in the Days (a new domain)

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I love blogging.

I also love getting to know you all through your comments, on facebook, twitter, and by reading your blogs too. Thank you so much for supporting this little blog over the past year!

Blogging is a fun and fulfilling outlet for me. (Plus it doesn’t create another pile for me to clean up! Unless you count all the extra cooking and reading I do for posts here.)

In an effort to refine my focus and provide more on track and useful content for you, I have decided to change the domain name of Delighting in the Days.

The new domain will be A Delightful Home.

The content will be mostly the same with a few additions. I plan to write more about healthy, natural living and place extra emphasis on building family relationships. I’ll also be continuing the Becoming a Better Mother Series.

This may seem silly. And it probably is!

This blog and all of my readers are special to me and I want to feel clear and confident about the direction it is going.

For a while I have been frustrated with the title, Delighting in the Days. While I do like it and feel passionate about what it represents, it is cumbersome and difficult to type and say. In fact, after a number of links here that gave various titles for this blog and a radio interview in which I had to correct the announcer because she kept calling this blog Delight the Days, I thought it might be best to change things.

(By the way, I am trying to get the audio of the interview for you to listen to. It was fun and scary!)

What does this mean for links you may have bookmarked?

I will be redirecting all links to the new domain on Wednesday.

That means, if you type in it will automatically go to

If you go to a specific post such as,  it will go to the same post just with adelightfulhome in the front, like this:

What about my RSS or email subscription?

First of all, if you subscribe to posts here, THANK YOU! That means so much to me.

I will update the feeds and they should keep on coming, but will now be called A Delightful Home.

(I am hoping this works, I’ve been told it will!)

What about Facebook and Twitter?

Twitter allows me to change my twitter name and keep my followers. So we can still be friends there.

Facebook is another story.

Facebook does not allow me to change the name of my page. So, if you want to be friends over there,  you will need to ‘like” my new page. I would love that. In fact, you can do this now if you want. The current facebook page will stay up for a while too.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


We will be having a fun giveaway open to all subscribers once the new blog is live. It is a collection of some of my favorite things! I can’t wait to reveal more details.

Again, thanks so much for reading here! I appreciate it.

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