Bigger Picture Moment: The Life on My Hip

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Bigger Picture Moment: The Life on My Hip |

Treading carefully over stray shoes, it dawned on me: this child has a lifetime ahead of her, and she rides along with me, trusting me to give her all she needs.

A sobering thought.

God has blessed me with a responsibility. A life to shape and grow. A heart to speak to. A mind to nourish.


How can He trust me with this task?

I look at this child, this koala baby (I call her that because of how she clings), and I’m humbled. Humbled and empowered. He must think more of me that I do of myself.

She is a gift I will give back to Him one day.

I’m thankful for the gift of a child. Grateful He has entrusted me with a life to ride on my hip for a time. One day she will be too big to carry at my side, but I hope her beginnings there will provide a firm foundation. I do not want to waste this time or simply get through it.

She is worth more than that.

Please God help me to know how important a mother is. To keep from distraction and chasing after the wind. Please cause me to see the repercussions of my daily actions in eternity.

Please help me be the woman my family needs.

Praying you will be that woman for your family, too. There is only one YOU!


This is me, trying to do one hundred things at once and messing up the kitchen, all the while carrying this life on my hip:

I’m linking up to Bigger Picture Moments at Lenae’s. I encourage you to visit and to participate. It is my favorite link-up on the web! Even when I don’t take part, the intention of looking for the bigger picture rests in the back of my mind.

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  1. Oh, this is wonderful, Stacy! Thank you for such a beautiful reminder to not take for granted our special role in our families, and bless you for praying for your readers at the end — that made my morning!

  2. Mine is just a tad too heavy for the hip carry for long, at 26lbs he still insists but I can’t do much more then prepare a snack with him on my hip! Enjoy it. Goes way too fast.

  3. Many thanks for your poignant thoughts and the invaluable reminder to cherish this fleeting time in which they’re entrusted to us.

  4. This is beautiful and just the reminder I needed today as my koala baby is even clingy than normal due to a cold. This is my job and I should not take it lightly or just get by. Beautiful reminder.

    1. Melissa,
      I hope your little one is feeling better soon (and that you get some rest, too).

      She is adorable, by the way. (I saw her at Relevant).

  5. I love this. It gave me an instant lift and a beautiful perspective to strive for. Thank you for writing it. I have no idea how I linked to your site, but am so glad that I did.