Peace and Joy at Home {Day 13}: Clean Your Home Naturally

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So, using non-toxic cleaners may not be as important to crafting a home full of peace and joy as developing loving relationships. But for me, it does bring a sense of calm and serenity as I relax, knowing there are fewer toxins flying in the air.

It also brings joy because the kids can help clean without me worrying about the adverse effects of chemicals. Woo hoo for that!

I've almost exhausted the topic of natural cleaning on this blog, but I do have a few new things to add today. So hang with me.

Making your own non-toxic cleaners is easy and usually involves vinegar or baking soda, water and a few essential oils.

Here are the posts I have already written on the topic:

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If you need further assistance you might enjoy Michelle's wonderful new ebook: Clean Start – Your Guide to Natural Home Cleaning

Michelle explains why natural cleaners work and provides lots of recipes and how-tos for cleaning everything from the microwave to formica floors.

What do you use to clean your home? Have you found any natural cleaners you love?

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  1. I go back and forth with making my own and buying store versions of a natural product. I may be addicted to the cleaning aisle, and would like to free myself of it! I will have to find some tips here. 🙂

  2. i am nearly 60 ( an original ’70’s girl au natural) , I used homemade cleaners today, mop and dusted w cleaner made from fels Naptha soap, lavender oil and tea tree oil, I swear my house has never smelled or felt so clean!!

  3. Hello Stacy,
    I just purchased the Ultimate Healthy Living bundle today that contains your ebook on DIY laundry soap. I was excited to get the recipe, but it appears to be missing a step. It says to prepare the soap shavings in a pot on the stove, and it says to prepare the other ingredients in a large bucket, but it never says what to do with the dissolved soap? Do we add it to the ingredients in the bucket? Can you please post or send a link for the correct directions? Thank you!