Are you a desperate mom?

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I lay in bed crying.

“I've already ruined my daughter and she's not even 4!”

Afraid. Alone. Worried. Scared.

I felt like I'd failed and I'd barely begun.

How can I be a good mom when I don't know what I'm doing?


That's me a few years ago (my girl is 11 now), but these feeling still come up.

As moms, we want to do the right things, but sometimes we don't know how. Other times we do know what to do but are too exhausted to actually do it.

So much of our striving seems to fall flat. We take two steps forward and one step back. We just can't get where we want to go.

We feel desperate.

Have you been there? Do you feel desperate right now?

If so, then there's a new book just for you: Desperate, Hope for the Mom that Needs to Breathe, by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson.

This book will help you see that you are not alone in your struggles. It will confirm to you that motherhood is indeed a difficult task, especially when you really want to be a good mom.

It will then infuse you with hope and courage to be the mom you want to be.

I appreciated the gut wrenching honesty of Sarah Mae.

At one point she remembers thinking, “I just can't be a mother today?”

I couldn't believe I was seeing this on the page.

I've felt this way before, but how often can say that right out loud? I just don't feel like I can be a mom today?


I loved how this book balanced the cries of a weary mother in the trenches, fighting to learn and grow, with the sweet words of wisdom from a mom who's been through it and come out on the other side.

I just love both of these ladies.

Sally does a beautiful job of mentoring through the written word. I'm always encouraged and inspired after reading almost anything she has written.

Sarah Mae is so relatable, it's scary. Unless you are a picture of perfection, I think you'll relate to her in some way too.

I'm buying 8 copies to share with friends and planning to do a book study with a few local moms as well as some from afar (in a private FB group).

Moms need each other and this book helped me see that staying alone in my struggles is not good for anyone.

Learn more about Desperate in the video below:

You can get some pretty amazing gifts for purchasing a copy of Desperate this week (find those here).

There are also launch week giveaways to enter (including a spa/mentoring weekend with Sarah Mae and Sally, house cleaning, and massages!) Head over to Sarah Mae's blog to see those.

For more information go to

Do you ever feel desperate?

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