Healthy Snack Tips for When You’re on the Go (& Giveaway!)

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Healthy Snack Tips for When You're on the Go (& Giveaway!) |

I keep snacks in my purse in order to stay healthy and happy!

I'm sure you can relate . . .

If you are trying to eat healthfully, grabbing a snack while out and about can be challenging.

Getting hungry away from home, when you’re not prepared, may mean having to choose an unhealthy option or spending more than you’d like to get something that’s both satisfying and good for you.

Other times you may become hungry and there is nothing to eat! Blood sugar drops and you get cranky! <– this is me.

I've experienced both of these scenarios way too many times!!

Add the kids getting hungry, and it can make our outings a lot more stressful. Hungry kids often means meltdowns, whining, and crabbiness all around.

In order for us to eat well and feel good, I’m striving to keep healthier snacks on hand at all times.

healthy snacks

I'm partial to having a snack while working at home, too!

Plan and Prepare Ahead

It's a good idea to look at the calendar before planning your menu and grocery shopping to see if there are any special events or classes coming up.

Also take note of what's going on at home. Are you working on a big project? Will you have much time to cook?

Once you know what's going on, plan and prep your snacks.

This may mean preparing food before we leave the house, like a nutritious muffin or homemade protein bar. But, lately, for me, it’s more likely to be a healthy snack that I’m able to buy at the store.

Consider buying pre-made snacks (high-quality ones)

The reason I’m choosing pre-made snacks more often these days is because life is super busy.

And my kids are always hungry!!

I can’t keep up.

I also love that pre-made snacks last longer.

For example, if I make muffins, they are likely to get crumbly or squished. And if we don’t eat them while we are out, they may go to waste.

But, I can keep little bags of nuts or snack mix, like the ones from Orchard Valley Harvest, and they are ready whenever we need them.

On a recent trip, I got hungry while waiting for the plane. I didn’t want to spend money on an expensive snack from the airport, so I just whipped out my little packed of goodies and was satisfied.

snacks for travel

NOTE: I'm an Australian citizen who is a US Permanent Resident. Although this pictures shows my Australian passport, I don't believe these snacks are available in Australia at this time.

I’m also packing these in my kids backpacks when they go to nature class each week. It’s great because I don’t have to worry about preparing extra food…it’s already hard enough to get everyone out the door on time!!

Plus, if they don’t eat it, we can just save it for the following week. No waste!


I had the chance to try three of the nut/snack combos from Orchard Valley Harvest, including Cranberry Almond Cashew Trail Mix, Dark Chocolate Almonds and Chocolate Raisin Nut Trail Mix. I throughly enjoyed them all.

I have to admit that the chocolate covered almonds are my favorite!!

chocolate covered almonds

The rest of the family loved them too. I actually had to stop them from eating the entire bag so I could take pictures!

Portion Control


Another great benefit to pre-made snacks is that they are portion controlled. It's way to easy to plough through a large bag of chips, nuts, or other snack. But a grab-and-go size keeps it reasonable.

How to find a high-quality pre-made snack

I am careful about the pre-packaged items I buy and am not a fan of many snack foods available at grocery stores, however, there are some that pass the test.

Here's what to look for to ensure your snack is high-quality and healthy:

  • free of GMOs
  • does not contain hydrogenated oils
  • uses recognizable ingredients (fruits, nuts, veggies)
  • is not loaded with added sugars
  • does not contain artificial colorings
  • does not contain artificial flavoring
  • does not contain artificial preservatives

One of the main reasons I like Orchard Valley Harvest is because their product line is non-GMO project verified.

This is HUGE!!

GMOs are in so many of the products and foods we buy. It’s infuriating. So, I’m always happy to find a brand that refuses to use GMO ingredients.

Plus, the nuts and fruits used are picked at their peak, minimally processed and have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

grab and go packs

WIN an Assortment of Orchard Valley Harvest snacks and $50 Visa gift card

Orchard Valley Harvest has offered to give one of you an assortment of their delicious snacks AND a $50 Visa gift card!

These healthy snacks are a wonderful alternative to chips, candy, or sugar-laden “snack” bars.

They are perfect for busy families. Designed with convenience in mind: Grab & Go sizes and Multi Packs are perfect for snacking while you are out and about.

They are also great for portion controlled snacking which keeps us from mindlessly munching on way more than we intended.

Orchard Valley Harvest has a lot of variety, which means you're likely to find a snack that's a perfect fit, whether you want to satisfy a sweet or savory craving, refuel before a workout or take a mid-day break at work. 

Grab & Go and Multi Pack sizes are available at retailers nationwide, including Cranberry Almond Cashew Trail Mix, Dark Chocolate Almonds and Chocolate Raisin Nut Trail Mix.

orchard valley harvest whole foods

I found a nice selection at Whole Foods. But they are also available at Safeway, Wal-Mart, and other retailers (depending on your state). Use the Store Finder to find a retailer near you. 

Learn more about the Orchard Valley Harvest product line at

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  1. Oh goodness, when I get hungry and find myself without snacks away from home, I often wind up in the Starbucks drive through. Yikes! While they have some “healthier” options nowadays, it costs us in our budget. I need to be prepared with healthy options in my bag, ready to curb my hunger without spending extra money.

  2. I just don’t eat anything until I get home. I do take snacks for my kids though and would love some of the Grab n Go packs for them. thx

  3. When we are out and about I pack snacks for the car including fresh fruit, granola bars or childrens snacks for the kids. If I do not have access to anything healthy, I do not eat until I am home. Or I grab a coffee.

  4. We normally pack snacks that include almonds, cashews and sometimes add chocolate raisins… these sound very good!

  5. I usually stop into a grocery store and get me a healthy snack when I am out. I do not go to a fast food place to eat. I eat healthy.

  6. I reach nearby stores to get trail mix when I get hungry away from home and have no decent food options.

  7. When I get hungry away from home with no decent food options I usually end up eating too much when I finally do get home. I usually don’t eat out.

  8. I end up buying junk food and eating it but I usually keep healthy snacks in the drawer under my front seat. When you travel with 5 kids you learn to be prepared

  9. Honestly I end up turning into a Dunks for a bagel or something. I HATE being hungry. I try to keep granola bars or nuts on me to beat temptation…

  10. If out and about and without any healthy snacks, I normally will go without and just be hungry until we get home. If we stop somewhere I will try to grab a trail mix or fresh fruit!

  11. If I am out and I have nothing on me, I will stop by the convenience store and try to pick up some nuts to hold me over.

  12. If I am super hungry while I am out, sometimes I make unhealthy food choices like fast-food, or something high in calorie/low on nutrition.

  13. If I am hungry and don’t have good food options available I tend to eat junk food that’s easily accessible and not good for me.

  14. I always have a apple and a protein drink in my car for when hunger strikes. I don’t like fast food and I think it is bad for you!