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Somehow I completely overlooked one part of the Healthy Living Bundle: The Herbarium.

I'm so glad I finally noticed it, because, wow! It's cool!

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What is the Herbarium?

The Herbarium is part of the Herbal Academy of New England. It's provides complete and constantly updated herbal monographs, photographs and thoughtful articles as well as educational podcasts, videos, tutorials, and teaching charts.

Here is a quick screencast of what's inside:

I think I say, “fantastic!” about ten times! 🙂

The Herbarium is usually $45, but it comes with this year's Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle (which is only $29.97).

If you haven't seen what's included in the bundle this year, you'll wanyt to take a peek because it's amazing. I think this one has more real product bonuses that any of the preceding bundle.

I'm so excited about the essential oil set from Plant Therapy!

If you bought this Herbarium ($45) and the essential oil set ($25) it would cost $70 – but you get these (and so much more) for only $29.97!

That's a really good deal.

The Natural Remedies section is quite robust!

But what if I'm not interested in all the topics or I don't like it?

Even if you only use a handful of the ebooks, ecourses and bonuses included, you'll still save a ton on money.

There's an excellent money-back guarantee too. So, you don't have to worry about losing money if you decide it's not for you.

Click here to see everything that's included.

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