When You Feel Like You’re Failing

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When You Feel Like You Are Failing | ADelightfulHome.com

Do you ever feel like everything is falling apart? That you could just curl up in a ball and cry?

Do you have conversations with yourself that list all the things you are doing wrong?

I think most of us do this from time to time.

I discussed what to do when you find yourself in this place at Keeper of the Home last week in a post titled, When You Feel Like You Are Failing In Every Way.

I've thought a little more about it since writing that post and am convinced that comparison and expectations are really BIG problems.

When we compare ourselves to others we are comparing ourselves to something that is not a true picture. You don't know everything about the person or people you compare yourself to. Chances are, they are struggling in many areas of life, just as you are.

We should not measure ourselves against others, only against God's word. Yes, we fall short. But we keep on trying.

Expectations are another trap for many wives and mothers. Just how much do you think you can do every day?

I realized I was beating myself up for a lot of things that were not happening, but once I stood back to look, I noticed I was expecting things that were not possible! One person can only do so much. Really.

One reader, Cheyenne, said something on our Facebook page that really hit home with me:

She said, “If you're feeling this way, then you are most likely not failing, just struggling maybe! I think those of us who put such an emphasis/importance on being the best wife and mama we can be tend to criticize ourselves the most!”

I love that: not failing, just struggling.

If you are moving at a snail's pace, inching along, you are still moving!

Yes, you are.

It must not be denied that the role of wife and mother is difficult as well as rewarding. There is a lot to do every day and it's rare that things ever go as planned.

Please, give yourself some grace and keep on trying. Ask for help, if needed. I think most of us could use some.

Read my post at Keeper of the Home for more suggestions on what to do when you feel like you are failing in every way. Also check out the comments as there are some great suggestions there as well as some good confirmation that you are not alone!

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  1. Wow, I really needed this. I have been having this conversation with myself quite a bit, especially lately. I need to stop trying to do everything all at once. I need to get that Heavenly perspective back too! Thank you!