Bigger Picture Moment: Simply Sharing Together

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Yesterday the house was a mess. All I could rustle up for dinner was a batch of scrambled eggs because I was busy printing and cutting Bible verses for our Ladies devotional.

As I sat at the computer, I clicked over to Ann's video. I knew I wanted to show it to the ladies at church, but I wasn't sure if I should. Every time I watch it, I cry! I think I won't, but I do!

My daughter heard my sniffling and came to see what was happening. We laughed about it and I told her that I wanted to show this video, but didn't know if I could play it without crying (not a small tear, but a big sob!).

She said she didn't think I could.

We decided to test it out and see. The goal was not to cry while watching it.

As we sat together, watching this beautiful reminder to pay attention to the little things, to savor the moments, I felt like I was.

She glanced up to see if there were tears, and smirked when I caught her eye.

I let her see me. Mess and all.

Those brief few minutes felt so important. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that she is now nine years old! I don't know. But she was sharing this with me. Taking part.

I surely hope she will learn to keep a clean home and to provide a hearty meal for her family, but more than that,Β  I want her to know she is loved by her mother. I want that to funnel down to her own children too.

My heart's desire is that she will value spending time with her children, sharing with them and including them in her daily activities. The best chance of that happening is for me to provide that for her. Right now.

Sometimes our days are filled with hard stuff, but these sweet moments shine through and remind me to simply love and share.

It doesn't have to be complicated.

It doesn't have to be perfect.

Simple BPM

I'm linking up to Bigger Picture Moments with Alita Jewel today

My daughter drew the picture at the top. It's of the two of us together πŸ™‚

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    1. Throwing pictures away is something I am not good at either! I have such a huge tub filled with drawing and books my kids have written. Not sure how I will ever get it pared down πŸ™‚

  1. That sounds like such wonderful time spent together — and what a sharing of a powerful moment. No, they don’t have to be perfect; we just need to be present! Working on this. Thank you for such a beautiful reminder, Stacy. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Hyacynth. Letting going of perfect is hard, isn’t it? But so freeing! It’s definitely something I have to work on constantly.

  2. those wonderfull moments are all i have left,in memory, of my beautiful daughter whom i lost to cancer over 2 years ago.i have voice messages on old and new phones,that helps me through rough times, but we were fortunate enough to realize those special ladies make those special times in your life,it may be all you have in the long run.but i feel so fortunate to know we will meet in heaven and continue our special mother daughter love for one another.
    thank you for sharing gerri,

    1. Dearest Maxine,
      Thanks so much for sharing. I can only imagine how painful it must be to lose your daughter to cancer. That si something moms never want to deal with.

      It’s wonderful that you were able to realize the special moments while you had them. Thanks for encouraging us to cling to those.

      God bless you.

  3. “My heart’s desire is that she will value spending time with her children, sharing with them and including them in her daily activities. The best chance of that happening is for me to provide that for her. Right now.”

    Something so simple, so easy to do … and yet so hard to remember.

    1. Yes they do, don’t they? Knowing that helps me relax and not stress about needing to have (or create) huge, grand moments.

  4. What a sweet moment! I love that picture too! I would frame it and hang it somewhere where I would see it daily as a reminder!

    Thanks for linking up!