Taming the Paper Clutter Monster!

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Tsh from Simple Mom (who also happens to be the author of my new favorite book: Organized Simplicity) is encouraging us to get rid of clutter with her five week series: Project Simplify.

This week's hotspot: Paper Clutter!

Definitely a problem area for me.

I got a tub and gathered lose papers from all over the house. I decided to get a big stack out of the school cabinet even though they are technically not lose…they were hidden at least! I've wanted to organize them for a while, so I pulled out some notebooks and workbooks too.

This is what I ended up with:

A big job!

Actually, I do have another box of papers, but they are waiting for another day. Since we moved I have not set up any kind of paper management system. And that was a year ago!

I turned on a movie and went to work. Trying to go through these as quickly as possible. What I ended up doing was burning half of it and then making some folders of stuff to go though more thoughtfully in the next week or so. This is what I had at the end:

So I'm not finished yet.

But I did create my home management notebook and a simple filing system for my frequently used stuff:

But, I am having a hard time committing to the system.

I like this file crate idea, but am not sure if it is necessary for me, since we don't use very many worksheets in our homeschool.

The idea is to have a file folder for every week of the year with worksheets and any other papers inside. Then you just have to pull out the folder and everything is there. On the front you can staple a piece of paper to jot down the big tasks of the week, menu plans, and so on. I set it up for 5 or 6 weeks to see if I like it or not.

I don't have a desk (or a place for one) at the moment. I have this in the dining area:

It houses our school stuff and art supplies. I would really like to make it more functional and colorful! Not sure how yet. Any ideas?

I found these two little gems while sorting:

A picture my son drew a few years ago:

Love the teeth! And wrinkles! Hee hee!

And this from my daughter (last years Mother's day):

It says:

A Mother's day Powem (really a saying)

Mother's Day is about mothers, and mothers are about love.

Love is cooking for your children, hooking up there coats,

reading them a book,

and loveing them.


I'm keeping these!

I did set up a basket in an easy to reach place so I can throw the special papers in when I come across them.

Here is a during picture…

I have no idea how paper spreads out like that. I'm sure it has legs and walks away when I'm not looking! Actually, I think I move around and make little nests in each spot!

Lots of other ladies have linked up their paper clutter posts. I enjoyed browsing and seeing what others are doing.

Is paper clutter a problem for you? If not, please tell me your secret!

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  1. Oh yes paper clutter – eesh!. I love the poem and the drawing! I’m posting this week on my art binders. I don’t know whose original idea it was (it wasn’t mine) but I have a binder for each child and either hole punch or put the art in a page protector and then put it in the binder. Maybe something you might find helpful?

    Glad to hear that I’m not the only one who finds paper clutter to be a two part (or maybe three part? LOL) job!

  2. OH, paper is the bane of my existence. A couple of years ago, I set up a nice system in my file drawer. It’s keeping UP with the incoming piles that is very difficult. I used to try to file once per week, but I try to file about 5 mins each day; otherwise it gets way too overwhelming. With a child (or children) in school, it gets even worse!!) Great site. thanks for visiting ours!

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