42 Days to Fit is 99 cents today!

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If you've been waiting to get your hands on 42 Days to Fit, today is the day for you. It's 99 cents!

42 Days to Fit is only 99 cents today and tomorrow.

Wondering what 42 Days to Fit is about?

42 Days to Fit is a realistic plan for losing weight and getting in shape. It is comprised of two challenges. One is a food challenge with realistic dietary changes. The other challenge is an exercise plan that's not over the top, but definitely gets results.

42 Days to Fit also includes:

  • weekly sample menu plans
  • printable journey guides for each week
  • running tips for beginners
  • healthy, homemade snack ideas with links to recipes

Here are two awesome reviews from ladies who have followed the program:

“This is not a fad diet, it’s a way to change the way you eat for good, a lifestyle change! Love that the changes are gradual, very doable, with a little commitment, and introduced in a way that helps you keep them going long after the 42 days. (They become habit) Love that you don’t have to starve or count calories or points. Love that the workouts are challenging and yield results but aren’t discouragingly difficult and super time consuming. Love that you learn how to be healthy and not just how to lose weight (For me, a super busy mom of 3, healthy is a good place to be.) Love the pace. Love Love the yummy recipes, and Love that there’s so much support along the way! :)” ~Xavia

Crystal lost 12 pounds in six weeks:

I lost 12 lbs really quickly just with the cleaner eating. I felt so much better! I started to get frustrated that I didn’t lose more, but then I realized I lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks! When I continued on a bit longer, still eating well and exercising, I lost another 13lbs. It’s really a lifestyle change for the better. I’ve kept it off, even months later. Thanks so much for the motivation and great tips. I’ll be following the plan again soon to get even healthier! ~Crystal

42 Days to Fit is also part of the Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle. So check that out, too.

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