Baked Oatmeal

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Baked Oatmeal |

This is a basic baked oatmeal recipe we eat often. It uses real food ingredients and is not overly sweet.

My husband, who does not like oatmeal, loves this and requests it often.

We usually add apples to it, but used blackberries in the picture above. Most fruits will work well in this recipe.

The other thing I love about this recipe is that it is prepared the night before. This allows me to get a jump start on  my day and makes me feel very organized. Which is not something I feel very often. So this is a great feeling!

Overnight Baked Oatmeal

  • 2-1/2 c. regular oats
  • 1-3/4 c. buttermilk or regular milk
  • ½ c. coconut oil, melted
  • 4 eggs
  • ½ c. sucanat or maple syrup
  • 1 tsp. Baking powder
  • ½ tsp. Sea salt
  • 2 tsp. Cinnamon
  • 2 tsp. Vanilla
  • ½ cup shredded coconut
  • 2 c. chopped apples (or berries, peaches, pears)
  • Optional: add 2 cups or raisins and/or nuts

The night before:

Mix all ingredients in a bowl until well combined.

Pour into a greased 9×13 inch baking dish.

Cover and place in the refrigerator.

In the morning:

Uncover and put dish in the oven before turning the oven on.

Heat oven to 350 degrees.

Bake for 25 – 35 minutes (but it does seem to vary depending on what ingredients I’ve added. Watery fruit makes it take a little longer to cook).

Once cooked through (oats should be firm), remove from oven and allow to cool briefly.

Serve with a little milk.

If you like a sweeter oatmeal, you may add more sugar to the mix before baking. Or sprinkle over when serving.

 Do you like baked oatmeal?

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  1. We LOVED this oatmeal this morning. We used the last of the summer’s peaches and our three girls ate all of their first helping and asked for more. The oatmeal was so smooth and creamy that is was more of a pudding than a breakfast. This is destined to become a favorite here, especially with the cooler mornings up here in the hills!

    1. That’s wonderful! Thanks so much for letting me know. I often get a little nervous thinking of others making these recipes I post! What if they don’t like it? 🙂

      The peaches sound delicious.

  2. I made it this morning and I used nectarines, maple syrup, and milk instead of the buttermilk. Thank you so much. My kids and I loved it (couldn’t wake up early enough to serve this for my hubby ): This dish doesn’t look pretty, but it is tasty. Ladies you have to try this! It’s easy, healthy, and I like that it’s sweet enough to satisfy your taste buds but not overly sweet that you get a sugar high. This one is a keeper–I’m so glad I found your blog and this recipe—perfect back to school treat for mom.