Becoming a Better Mother: Just Be There

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Sometimes I think of grand and great things I can do to become a better mother. My mind and heart search for ideas . . .

What book can I read?

What words can I say?

What behavior can display as an example for my children?

And on and on it goes.

These are all good things. But in my quest for good things to do, I often overlook the simplest of actions: That of just being there.

Of sitting beside my children as they work. Swimming with them in the pool. Perching myself at the edge of their bed in the quiet hour before sleep comes, listening to dreams and questions.

This being there, it's not complex. (That doesn't mean it is easy.)

An investment of time means saying no to some of those things we desire to do for ourselves. It means having noise in our ears and sticky fingers on our clean shirts. But oh what a reward it brings.

The following video encouraged me greatly. It's a Taylor Swift song titled, The Best Day. I first came across this song and video on Inspired to Action (Kat has directed me to lots of great music!).

One particular part really caught my attention. Taylor sings:

“There is a video
I found from back when I was three
You set up a paint set in the kitchen
And you're talking to me”

That may not seem grand, but it is.

It struck me, how the important the simple act of being with our children is. Of talking to them and paying attention to them, without allowing ourselves to be distracted. It makes such a huge impact!Β  Obviously, this meant a lot to the singer. We have the power to provide those kinds of memories and moments to our children too.

It doesn't take much. It really doesn't.

I pray you and I will seize the opportunities before us.

Have a blessed week.


Top Image by Din Jimenez

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