Becoming a Better Mother: Take Care of Yourself

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Have you ever tried to cut a loaf of bread with a blunt knife? It is very difficult and makes a horrible, crumbly mess.

Cut the bread with a sharp, serrated bread knife and the job is much simpler.


Because you are using the properly prepared tool for its intended purpose.

Ladies, may I suggest that we are one of the tools God uses in shaping the hearts and minds of our children?

Are we sharp and ready for the task at hand?

I don’t have to tell you how important it is to take care of yourself, or HOW to take care of yourself, or the fact that taking care of yourself helps you to be a better mother (who is more patient and kind).  I know you know.

It’s the same old story:

Get enough rest

Feed your body good food

Feed your soul God’s word

Take time to do something you love

Find a moment to be alone (Give those ears a rest from the constant chatter).

Exercise your body.

Nurture your relationship with your husband.

So often we ignore this knowledge and keep trucking along. One day our tank is going to run out of gas (or petrol for my Australian friends) and it ain't gonna be pretty! Maybe yours already feels empty. (Mine has been pretty low lately.)

It is a challenge to get enough rest and eat the right food. But a challenge worth pursuing. Don’t give up. . .

Intentionally striving to take good care of yourself will benefit the entire family. It doesn't have to be big or extravagant; 20 minutes of quiet time in the mornings can do wonders for you. Turning off the t.v or computer in order to get a full night's rest…wonders too.

A little further reading:

Kat of Inspired to Action has written a great series about why and how to take personal retreats.

I also recommend this interesting article about Mother Culture and keeping your mind alive.

3 Sleep strategies for a Well-Rested Mom @ Simple Mom

This week:

Let's all take a few minutes to look at our current circumstances and evaluate how we are doing. Think about what ways you can take better care of yourself. Plan at least one step you can take to make that happen.

What do you do to take care of yourself so you can better serve your family? How do you keep from burning out or becoming overwhelmed?

This is part four in the Becoming a Better Mother Series.

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  1. Such a well timed post. I have been trying more and more to accomplish this, but I still need the constant reminders to make the time for it. I especially like the Mother Culture article. So interesting!


    1. Hi Shell,
      It’s funny that you say you have been working on this, but need constant too! Why we forget, I don’t know. I suppose becuase we have so much to remember 🙂

      I really liked that Mother Culture article. Definitely food for thought.It was written over 100 years ago too. Which goes to show how many things are still the same!

  2. great post! very timely for me too. 🙂 something i’m trying to do more of is to simply step away for a moment when things are starting to get overwhelming. it doesn’t matter what i’m working on or who i’m working with or what i’m doing, but i’m learning that if i go upstairs to my bedroom for 2 or 3 minutes, say a prayer, look out the window, take some deep breaths, etc. i can go back and face whatever situation i was in with a better mindset. it’s helping me be less frustrated and short with my children. having a little timeout for myself to regroup, remember what my priorities are, etc. is really helping!

    1. That’s great Stacey! It’s so nice to find something that helps. I don’t know why, but it still surprises me when the things that really do help are often SO simple (like going to another room, saying a prayer, looking out the window, etc.)

      I’ve noticed recently that stepping away from the situation can often help diffuse things. Especially when they are escalating!

  3. This is a great post. The idea of taking better care of myself and all the fun and comfort it entails sounds so wonderful, but I always feel guilty whenever I try to take time away, go to bed early, do something I love, etc. It’s ridiculous and makes no logical sense. To fight this feeling I had my husband read your post and help keep me doing these kinds of things. He is very ready to help and that was great to hear. Thank you for posting such a specific list. That makes it easier!

    1. Abbie,

      That is great! Yay for you and your hubby!

      I can relate to what you are saying. Sometimes I tell my husband how badly I need a few hours alone so I can plan and prepare for the family (menu’s, grocery lists, look for stuff online that they need, school lessons, and so on)…then when the time comes I feel like saying, “Oh, don’t worry about it.” Like I shouldn’t be going off and leaving them. It’s ridiculous! I have to force myself to leave on occasions. Other times I run away 🙂

      We are much better able to serve our families when we have some time to revive ourselves. Time to plan and prepare is also great. We don’t want to be blunt knives cutting the loaf 🙂

      I’d venture to say most husbands would prefer a well rested, healthy wife. So we need to let them help us achieve that goal. Because really, it is much easier with help!

      I’m excited you are striving to take care of yourself. I know your family will benefit.

  4. Such a great post for us busy mamas who are running households. I care for myself by staying in the Word and exercising almost daily. Makes a world of difference.