Delightful Links for the Weekend – Health and Fitness Edition

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Since tomorrow is New Year's Day, I thought it fitting to share a few links regarding getting a healthy start to 2012.

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We are at the starting line, the whole year stretched before us. What are we going to make of it?

It's hard to stay committed, but it can be done, as long as we keep moving forward (even if it's only one tiny step at a time).

I hope the following links will help you on your quest to live a healthy life this coming year:

Vintage Remedies free email course, 8 Weeks to Real Foods, starts this week.

Must Love God – A new blog launching in January that focuses on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. There are some great ladies behind this blog.

Real Fit Moms – My sister and I are going to start posting here again. Our first new series will be: Keys to Fitness! Woot!

Peak 313 – An encouraging fitness blog written from a christian perspective. Clare always provides down-to-earth advice and motivation.

Lose the ShoesBarefoot Running series @ Laurel of Leaves. I haven't tried this yet, have you? It is very intriguing.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Hi Stacy! Thanks for linking up to my Barefoot Running series on my blog! I’ve really enjoyed learning and practicing. Thanks for the other great tips too! My husband’s old boss’s wife is the founder of Vintage Remedies, so I’m really excited to check out their new email course!

    1. Hi Lori, thanks for stopping by.

      How fun that you have a connection to Vintage Remedies. So far I have enjoyed everything I’ve read from them. I recently enrolled in their family herbalist program and love it.

      I was really excited to find your barefoot running series as I haven’t read a lot about it; especially not focusing on technique. I am so happy that you covered so much in detail!

      1. That’s so great that you’ve enrolled in the Family Herbalist program! I was just looking at all the courses last night and I would love to take that one someday soon. You’ll have to let me know how it goes 🙂