Embracing Self-Care: Know Thyself

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Embracing Self Care

When I was a new mom, people kept telling me to take baths and naps.

I can see why, and they do sound rather nice, but I just didn't want to.

I was younger then.

When I transitioned to living a life that focused mostly on caring for another human being, I craved intellectual stimulation and physical exertion. I felt weird, but baths and naps made me jumpy and irritable!

A walk, a good book, or learning a new skill, were what I most wanted. And I tried to do these when I could. But it wasn't very often.

Nowadays, I still want those things, but a nap and a bath sound pretty good too!

I'm more tired now.

All this to say that, when it comes to self-care, it is important to find what rejuvenates and energies YOU.

It might not look anything like the norm. But that is perfectly OK. You are the only you. And only you know what you really need.

Here are a few ways this has played out in my own life:

The past year or two I have come to appreciate and understand my introvertedness. I am well aware of the fact that I get my energy from being alone and that a lot of time around others will drain me (even if it's enjoyable).

Now I try to make sure I have time for quiet.

And you know what? I actually need a good amount of it. More than I originally thought.

Dealing with a chronic illness has also brought to light the need for rest (baths and naps! Ha.). When I made our new routine/schedule, I wrote REST in marker to make it official.

time for rest

Rest is in the schedule because I NEED it. Without it I will get sick and no longer function well and become unable to even do the bare minimum. I can't run on fumes.

For a long time the things that were vital to my health were only tucked in around the edges of my life instead of being priorities. 

Things like exercise were on an if-I-have-time basis.

This kind of thinking meant those things only happened occasionally instead of regularly, like I needed them.

Intentionally carving out time is necessary to make the important things happen. There's just too much stuff to over run them otherwise!

I've also started to block larger amounts of time for things. This means I do less, but I do it in a more relaxed, un-hurried fashion.

Everything seems to take longer than I think it will, so this method helps me reserve enough time for what is really necessary (like preparing good food!).

Knowing yourself is key to self-care. Actively doing what you truly need will go much farther in creating a healthy life that doing what others believe is best for you.

And it might be worth noting that all self-care actions may not be completely enjoyable! Some things we know we need to do for our health, but they are not desirable or enjoyable at the time.

Self-care is not just about what feels good in the moment (although that is lovely), it's about what adds to our overall wellbeing.

time in nature

Time in nature, soaking up God's creation, is something that energizes and rejuvenates me!

Build your own unique self-care routine.

Questions to ponder. . .

Here are a few questions to think on as you uncover what self-care might look like for you.

What activities give you energy?

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

How much sleep is necessary to function optimally?

What types of exercise do you enjoy? When can you fit that in to your schedule?

Are there things that drain you which could be eliminated or delegated?

What would your ideal day look like? Are there ways to incorporate some of that into your life?

In what areas do you need more help? How could you make that happen?

Are there any special concerns in your life? A chronic illness or other physical need? What accommodations need to be made in order for you to function well?

Where can you make time for Bible reading and prayer?

Do you have a dream? Even if now is not a good time to pursue it, is there a way for you to use a few minutes each day to work on it just a little?

I hope these questions will give you some food for thought as you explore ways to take care of yourself this week.

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Next week we will discuss health and spirituality as it relates to self-care.

I'd love to hear your thoughts: What does knowing yourself how to do with self-care?


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  1. Your new system of scheduling rest really inspired me, Stacy. So often I feel bad about that but I know that it’s something I need to keep going.
    Being in creation definitely energizes me, too. I need to make that more of a priority on days when it doesn’t just happen naturally.

  2. Love all the questions for reflection at the end Stacy! And I think it’s an awesome idea to schedule in rest. Thanks for all the great ideas!

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  4. I like your point about self-care being what adds to your overall well-being, not just what feels good in the moment. Checking social media or watching a movie just to escape makes me feel good while I’m doing it but ultimately drains me. I do my best to use my time well so I have time to do things that I really thrive on. Time for self-care is there, it just has to be protected from less important things!

  5. Great questions for building a self care routine! For me, it was about letting go of the idealism that I could somehow do it all and do it perfectly if I could just manage my time better. There’s only so much time – I had to prioritize. And make room for myself. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing, Kylie! I am with you on the time management. That has been a big struggle for me. If I don’t manage it, it slips away!

  6. What a wonderful look at learning more about ourselves! This is exactly what I needed to read. A friend and I were just discussing this last night – finding ways to learn what each of us really need to take care better care of ourselves. What works for one person might not work for me – and I’ve put myself on the back burner for so long that I need learn a little more of what *I* like and need. It’s a little scary, but I think it will be fun if I keep it up. 🙂 Good luck this week on your goals!

    1. Hi Ginger! Hoping you are able to figure out a few ways to take care of you this week 🙂

      Thanks for the kind comment and encouragement.