Ending Well

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One of my favorite sessions at the Relevant conference, was an early morning gathering with Sally Clarkson. In a small room crammed with women, she laid out a vision for mothers and encouraged us on our journey.

The overarching theme of the morning was ending well.

To live a life that ends well, we must think about the end at the beginning.

Today I’d like to share the notes I scribbled down during that session. . .

These are my notes. I may have misquoted Sally from time to time (hopefully not).

Although this may seem disjointed, as it was all beautifully woven together with stories when spoken to us, there are many gems here. I hope you find them.

What would it be possible to do in your lifetime for God?

God is willing to use anyone to change the world, but He uses those who are willing to engage their hearts.

To end well you have to live differently.

To follow hard after God means doing things people usually don’t do.

Going against culture comes at a cost.

David was a man after God’s heart. He was different.

David, although was promised to be king, had to wait.

If you are going to be used by God, you usually have to wait.

Are you raising warriors or refugees?

People that make a difference are those who know they only have one life and want to make a difference.

Teach children to be kingdom changers.

Teach them to be able to go into the world. Not hid from it.

Say things like, “I wonder how God is going to use you to change the world? I wonder how He is going to use you to impact the world for His kingdom.”

Your child’s soul is going to last for eternity.

There are some stupid voices out there. Be careful who you listen to, even in the church. Sadly, the church has become like culture.

You can’t listen to the voice of the world and live for God.

Don’t get tired of being idealistic.

How to live an intentional, missional life:

1. Turn toward God and away from culture.

God chooses people who are different. Example: David, Rahab.

Don’t raise your kids the same way everyone else does.

2. Understand truth and wisdom

Find those who make you want to love God more. Spend time with them.

You are responsible for your spiritual heritage.

Get in the word. Read your Bible! That is where God speaks to you. Don’t do anything else if you are bot in the word.

3. Rely on God

If you only live by what you can do, by your own works, then you won’t know if God will open a door.

Try things. If you don’t try, you won’t know what God can do.

4. Name your non-negotiables

If you are not refining your life, you will not end well.

You cannot neglect the heart, mind and soul of a child and expect them to turn out later.

Children are like soil; beautiful and rich, but if left alone can be taken over by weeds.

5. Live by faith

God takes your fish and loaves and multiplies them if you live by faith.

We each have been given a portion. God has given you a portion to be a steward over. You portion is comprised of your gifts, your family, and so on.

We can say: “I don’t like it”


“Not my will be yours be done.”

You are the only person who can live your story.

God searches to strongly support those who will do His will.

Living by faith can be wearying. For example, King Asa starter out well, but got tired.

There are consequences of not living by faith. One of which is missing out on seeing God’s miracles.

It is easy to get weary of standing against critics.

If you are alone, you are a target and may become so weary that you give up.

If you are not investing in the kingdom of God, you are losing the chance to live a life of God’s glory.

To read more from Sally, visit her blog I Take Joy


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