Becoming a Better Mother: Stop Caring What Others Think

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Caring what others think is exhausting.

Truly it is.

Especially where you are fretting over your parenting skills.

Can I just simply say: Stop it!

(I know. If only it was that easy.)

I’ve suffered with people pleasing disorder most of my life and am here to tell you that when it comes to mothering, caring what others think of you is a sure fire way to bring stress into your life. And into your relationship with your child.


You know your child better than anyone.

Well meaning friends (and strangers) may try to push encourage you to do things a certain way, but in the end you are the one to who knows what is best for your child.

For example, in cooler weather we have sometimes visited the grocery store without a coat.

Shocking, I know.

The amount of glares I have received is silly. But I decided I didn’t care. You see, my daughter is hot by nature. As a young child she would tell me she had “hot blood.” At first I didn’t think it could be possible for her to be warm enough when the weather was cool, but after witnessing her discomfort a few times, (after I’d forced her into a warm coat) I changed my mind.

Here’s another truth (that you already know, but I’m going to say it anyway):

Every child is different.

Sometimes you need to get creative with your parenting skills. You may appear off the wall to other parents whose children are falling in line with what the “books” say, but it doesn’t matter.  They don’t have your child, you do. They don’t deal with the little quirks, fears, and dreams that are unique to your child, you do.

Advice can be helpful. But that is all it is: advice. Seeking the counsel of a seasoned mother is a very good thing to do (and something I would love to do more often). But it is still important to keep it in perspective. Try not to worry what others will think if you don't implement their suggestions.

This week I want you to try hard to be more concerned with what God thinks of you than what others think of you. He is the one we will answer to in the end. He is the one who created you and your child: a perfect match.

I am praying that God will give strength to you. That you may seek His will and praise rather than that of man. I'm asking for strength for myself too. I need it.

Have a blessed week!

This is the 7th post in the Becoming a Better Mother Series.

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