On Contentment

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On Contentment | ADelightfulHome.com

I’m reading Seasons of a Mother’s Heart along with Home with theBoys. Join us?

When I think of contentment, I think of a porch swing. Rocking back and forth, sipping tea, and soaking in life's blessings.

Yesterday I sat on the swing in our backyard and read the first chapter of Seasons of a Mothers Heart. I put the book down a few times to answer questions, check the timer on the hose (which had apparently broken) and was unable to finish until later in the evening which was again interrupted by “good nights” and more questions.

This is the way it is right now.  I’m learning to breathe and go with it.

As I read the first chapter, I couldn’t help wondering…

How much life have I wasted wanting more?

Wanting to be more.

To do more.

To have more.

Spending too much time thinking about what I want blinds me to what I have.

Learning to see the blessings of life is key to enjoying it.

It’s key for my children too.

A mother who holds her child close in thankfulness shows her child they are precious.

I am always saying that this time at home with young ones is just a season. And it is. But it’s not a season to simply be endured. It’s one to be enjoyed.

Sally so aptly pointed out that joy comes from being thankful and content. Two beautiful words that take a whole lot of work and discipline to embrace.

I know these things come from seeking God rather than my own desires. Seeking to please Him rather than please myself (or anyone else).

I’m breaking out my gratitude journal today. It helps me focus on the blessings and see the abundance.

Thanks Sally for a great reminder and wonderful lesson for my Mom heart!

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  1. Wow. I love your blog look. Seriously, I just popped over from the book club link and was so happy to see such a beautiful page come into view. I am in love with lavender just now and felt at home with your header. 🙂
    And thanks for the thoughtful post. I too am trying (with much failure and trying again) to make the most of my days rather than wasting them wanting something else. Easier said than done.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad the lavender made you feel at home. I LOVE lavender too 🙂

      I agree that making the most of our days and not wasting them or wanting something else is easier said than done! I’m learning to pick myself up and keep on going.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. I have kept a gratitude journal for years until I fell ill in the last three months. I see now that losing that small discipline has affected far more than I thought it had. I am going to be breaking mine back out, too. I, too, feel like I’ve been wasting time wanting more rather than appreciating what I have.