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Family fun night is a great way to create memories and keep your family close.

I find it's easier to stick with a consistent family night if it's simple and I've planned ahead. To help in that endeavor, I've brainstormed a bunch of family night ideas. Below are links to all of them.

If you haven't yet downloaded your family night idea sheetclick here to do so now.

(It's a one page list of all the ideas in the following blog posts. Intended as a way to give you quick ideas or get you thinking about what is possible for family night).

family fun cheat sheet

Print it out and keep it in your homemaking binder or wherever is convenient for easy reference.

To see further details on all of the family fun night suggestions visit the following two posts:

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A few more helpful family fun links:

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My Family Fun Pinterest Board.

Don't forget to download your family night idea sheet.


Family night doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated; kids just want your time and attention.