Family Fun Night {Part 2} 24 MORE Ideas!

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Continuing on from where we left off, here are 24 more ideas for you to consider for your next family fun night.

Don't forget, it doesn't have to be fancy! Kids just want your attention.

Have a video game night

I know, I know, we want to out the video games away most of the time! but, playing together as a family can be a really fun experience. Especially if mom gets into it. (My kids go crazy when I do.) Party games work well for family fun nights. Try Mario Party or Wii Party.

Memory Lane Night

Watch old home movies and browse through photo albums.

Most kids love to watch old home movies, either of themselves or their relatives. It's especially fun if you can find some movies of mom and dad as kids! Same with old pictures. Viewing these treasures is a great way to relive memories and learn more about family history and each other.

Try Geocaching

A really interesting way to go on a kind of treasure hunt. This requires you to leave the house, so might be best suited to the summer time or a family fun day (instead of night).

Check the geocaching website for instructions and locations.

Treasure Hunt

Set up a treasure hunt around the house or in the back yard. This certainly takes a little planning. But, it may even be something you could have an older child create and execute. Write notes with hints for each location and place around the house.  Place a prize, game, dessert, (or whatever) at the end!

Stargazing Night

Stargazing is a peaceful thing to do together. If you've got little ones, it might only last 5 minutes. But, taking the time to look up at the night sky is worthwhile. Teach kids names and locations of a constellation or two. Maybe go back inside and draw what you saw.

Special events like meteor showers are excellent nights to star gaze.

Also, there's something about sitting outside in the dark and look up at the stars that promotes deeper conversation. Perhaps we feel safer not having to look right at each other? I don't know. But, give it a try and see how it goes.

Watch the Sunset

Just like looking at the stars, watching the sun set is a great way to bring some peace and calm to your time together. Perhaps this could coincide with a dinner picnic or trip to the beach.

Whatever you do, be sure to point out the beautiful creation we live in.

famiy beach

Swimming Night

If you have access to a pool, it's fun to swim in the evening hours. It definitely has a different atmosphere to the day time.

Make a Family Mural

Buy a large canvas at the craft store (Michael's often has canvas for 50% off). Create a mural together using paint, paper, or other materials.

Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae Night

Place a few flavors of ice cream and a variety of toppings on the table and let the kids create their own ice cream sundaes. If you have fancy bowl, use those! It's nice to use the “good things” and not save them for some day. It makes the family feel special.

Family Brainstorm Night

Is there something your family would really like to do together? A trip you'd like to take or an event you'd like to participate in?

Take some time to hash out the details together. Discuss what you want to do and how you will do it. Here everyone's ideas. Kids feel more ownership when they have had a chance to give their input.

Time capsule

Create a time capsule and bury it in the backyard. Have the kids write a short note about their current likes and dislikes. Add pictures, small toys, or anything that you'll want to remember in a few years.

Here is a good article with simple steps for making a time capsule.

Create a Video Time Capsule

This can be a separate activity or something to add to the time capsule mentioned above.

Take a short video interviewing your kids and having them interview you.

family workout nightFamily Fun: Have a Family Workout NightFamily Fun: Have a Family Workout Night

Exercise Night

Perhaps you could all go for a run or walk together. Take a hike or go indoor rock-climbing?

Or, maybe you'd like to try my family's silly exercise game. It can be the beginning of a to of laughter! See all the details here: Family Fun: How to Have a Workout Night 

Fashion Parade

Let the kids dress up in zany creations and out on a parade for mom and dad. They's also love to dress mom and dad up in crazy outfits. So, be a sport and let them give you something silly to wear, then do your best catwalk.

Puppet Shows

Invest in a few inexpensive puppets and let the kids perform a show for you. Give them a script or let them create their own. Puppet shows are a great way to reinforce Bible stories, social skills, or other lessons.

Talent Show Night

Give everyone at least a week's notice so they can prepare. Then have each family member perform their chosen talent.

Improv Night

Drama games can make for some great laughs and unexpected fun. Check this list of drama games for ideas.

The Great Lego Build

Pull out all the legos and build something together. Take over the dining table or living room and create the biggest building you can. Ask the kids for ideas and follow their lead.

Playdoh creations

Get out the playdoh and play. The kids will love to see mom and dad getting in on the fun. Let them make little playdoh cakes and pretend to eat them. They don't need anything fancy. Just be there.

Show and Tell

Every family member choses one item they would like to show the family. Even mom and dad. (It's great if mom and dad can find something the kids might not have seen before. Even better if it relates to the family in some way. For example, the first letter your father sent me. Or, grandma's ring. And so on.)

Themed dinner

Have a themed dinner.

Some ideas:

  • formal
  • fancy dress
  • pretend it's a restaurant
  • kid's cook night
  • country night
  • historical
  • geographical
  • food from favorite book
  • creation dinner

Make Natural Body Care (as gifts or for you)

Many of the natural body care tutorials on this blog are simple enough for the entire family to make. Use your own judgment, of course.

One of my favorites, that's great for leading up to the holiday season:  Make 100 natural body care gifts in an hour

Dessert Night

Eat dessert. Need I say more.

Well, Ok, the more would be that you could make something dessert-like together. But that's not necessary.

Go fancy and light candles.

Have a Sock War

This is a game in which the objective is to be the last person with socks. Clean socks are tucked into the back of your pants so they are hanging out. Everyone runs around and tries to steal each others socks. Here are some further instructions.

Alternatively,  fold socks down into a ball and throw them at each other, as if in battle. This can get kind of crazy! So, ahem, may not be for everyone. Depending on the space you have available.

This list could go on and on. . .

Need a cheat sheet to help you come up with ideas?

Download one here. 

Keep it simple, throw in some fun, pay attention, be kind to each other. That's plenty!

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