Healthy Factors for a Happy Home

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A home filled with peace and joy does not happen by chance.  It takes intentional effort and hard work.  But I'm not telling you anything new.  If you are a mother,  you already know that!

There are many factors that affect the tone of the home.  Our goal here is to work on the ones we can actually control.  Why?  So we can create a refuge from the world for our families.   A safe haven.

This blog will be focus on a few key areas:

– Healthy Spirits
– Healthy Minds
– Healthy Bodies
– Healthy Relationships
– Healthy Habits

When  we develop these areas, we can’t help but have a happier, healthier place to call home. Over the coming weeks and months we will delve more deeply into each category.

I like to think of the above as a kind of formula for creating the home I desire.  None of these are a one shot deal.  This happy home thing is a constant process.  We must continually work on it.  We can’t expect perfection, but we can do our best (that looks different for everyone).

Below is a quick overview of each category:
(There will be overlap – since those  things that give you a healthy spirit, also benefit the body and mind, and so on.)

Healthy Spirits

Knowing God
Refreshing your spirit through prayer and Bible Study

Healthy Minds

Home education
Keeping your brain alive while taking care of little ones!

Healthy Bodies

Eating real food
Reducing toxins in the home
Natural living

Healthy Relationships

Mom’s relationship with her husband
Mom’s relationship with her kids
Mom’s relationships with others

Healthy Habits

Home organization
Routines, planning and scheduling

This list is a place for me to start. I have work to do in each and every area!  Since I am by no means a superwoman, I pray that God will fill in the gaps left by my failures.

Where do you feel like you are doing well?  Which areas do you want to improve?  I’d love to hear!

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