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I started 2013 with the word discipline. But, after my health took a downward turn, it became obvious that nourishing my body, mind and spirit was most necessary.

Doing the things that nourish me requires discipline, I must be sure I go to bed at a decent hour and also have the discipline to prepare good food and exercise, but it's different to my original intent for the word discipline.

Discipline is not a bad thing (it's really good, actually), but I was using it as a means to be as productive as humanly possible.

This left me depleted.

I'm still recovering!

I didn't feel ready for a new word this year, I'm still working on nourishing myself and my family.

The purpose of nourishment is to cause something to be healthy, to live, to grown stronger.

This is what I want for my family this year.

And not just in body, in mind and spirit as well.

Thinking of the word nourish for the last six months has helped me make decisions about the use of my time and also the food and drink that goes in my mouth. It causes me to desire to read God's word and to rest my body as well as exercise it.

Making nourishment a priority is actually pushing me towards doing less. To go small, if you will. I can't effectively nourish myself when I stretch myself too far.

Here's to a nourishing year!

Did you choose a word for the year? If so, I'd love to hear what it is!

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. I’ve chosen ‘acceptance’. There are lots of things going on around me that I don’t necessarily agree with or like but there is nothing I can do about them so instead of getting myself continually ‘worked up’ over it all I’m trying to just accept and go with the flow. I am already finding it difficult!

  2. Your word choice makes total sense! I chose “strong,” and while I haven’t blogged about it (yet), I am already seeing glimpses of what God is doing with this word in my life. We’re moving onto the mission field this fall, so it was really me imploring God when I chose it, but still… It feels like more.