POLYN: Plant-based Skin Care with Aromatic Benefits

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Because our skin absorbs what we put on it, it's important that the skin care we use is free of known toxins and other harmful ingredients.

POLYN collection

Sadly, the products on our store shelves are not fully vetted for human safety and contain many nasties we'd be better off without.

The main issue with toxic ingredients is the way they build up in the body. Over time our toxic load continues to grow. Making our bodies work harder to do even the most basic tasks.

Thankfully, companies are producing safer products that help moisturize, cleanse, and nourish the skin while avoiding unnecessary toxins and fillers.

Today I'd like to introduce you to one such company: POLYN.

POLYN is the latest addition to SKINourishment, a 20-year- old natural skincare company created by aromatherapist and Eastern medicine practitioner Polly Glasse. The company is best known for its climbOn and crossFIXE brands, popular among well-known athletes and everyday natural-minded sports enthusiasts.

POLYN® skin care is made using 100% plant-based ingredients combined with aromatherapeutic formulations to provide therapy in a bottle™.

POLYN ingredients

This picture shows some of their plant-based ingredients.

POLYN products are 100% Vegan, Gluten free, and contain no GMOs.  All ingredients are disclosed on their packaging and synthetic ingredients are completely avoided. 

I had an opportunity to try a few products from POLYN and found them effective and enjoyable to use (I'll tell you about each one below).

The POLYN collection addresses skin therapy needs from daily cleanse regimen to anti-aging to dry skin. They have something for everyone.

The awesome thing about POLYN is that their products do more than treat skin issues, the line’s unique combination of aromas and plant essences also addresses emotional needs like stress, calm, and clarity.

Skin care that also boosts mood? Yes, please!

Here's a quick rundown on what I tried:

I tried the Essential 3 Face Collection and found the products worked very well together, complementing each other and providing lots of wonderful nutrients for my skin.

POLYN Plant-based Skin care

The Invigorating Face Wash contains Peppermint, Horsetail, and Castille Soap.

POLYN Face wash

The light foam cleans beautifully, leaving skin feeling fresh. I love that it doesn't contain any unneccesary fillers (like extra water), so it's concentrated and last a long time.

POLYN also carries a face wash specially formulated for sensitive skin.

POLYN bottle

I also tried the Cooling Under Eye Serum which is extremely refreshing. It contains Aloe, Rosehip + Frankincense and feels great on tired under-eyes.

The Regenerative Face Serum feels amazing on the skin.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 7.46.00 AM

It contains Tuberose wax, Rosehip, and Shea butter which penetrate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and moisturized.

This serum contains a blend of plant aromas and essences which are specifically crafted to rejuvenate the skin. (It does contain ylang-ylang, which is a little strong for my sensitive nose, but otherwise, I love the feel of this serum).

These products are carefully created and delightful to use. Besides the products themselves being luxurious and effective, I also loved that the eye serum and serums both came in beautiful MIRON glass bottle from Switzerland. These bottles are deep purple / black glass and keeps light out to help preserve the food-grade ingredients.

Plus they are just beautiful and could easily be reused. And extra bonus!

POLYN is Made in the USA & Committed to Truth in Labeling

POLYN products are made in the Texas hill country. Each batch meets the highest quality personal care standards, as verified by leading organizations and the European Union standards bodies. POLYN also helps promote support advocacy for more natural products by supporting groups such as the EWG.


Want to try POLYN products?

Use coupon code skinlovesplants for 20% off at POLYN.co through 5/31/2017

(Coupon code also works on SKINourishment.com)

You can also get free shipping on orders over $50 to the USA and flat rate $5.95 on orders under $50.

POLYN Plant-based Vegan Skin care

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