Self-Care Action Plan for the Holidays

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The next few days are ones that can be filled with highs and lows. While the holidays are an exciting time, many of us also feel tired, lonely, overwhelmed, and/or stressed.⁣

A few things to that might help you stay sane this week:⁣

#1 – Breathe

I know it sounds so simple! But just taking a minute to pause and take a deep breathe can do wonders!⁣

#2 – Move Your Body

This may not be the time to hit the gym (or maybe it is, depending on your situation), but finding a way to move your body this week will help lift your mood and promote clearer thinking. A quick walk or even dancing around the living room can be extremely helpful!⁣

#3 – Remember social media is a highlight reel

It's easy to feel discouraged when scrolling Instagram or Facebook and think everyone else is better off. But behind the shiny smiles are often many struggles aren't aware of.⁣

#4 – Be grateful

No matter our current circumstances, there is always something to be grateful for. And gratitude makes everything better!⁣

#5 – Drink water

So simple, but amazing effective in boosting energy, clearer thinking, and overall wellness.⁣

#6 – Manage expectations

Things won't go perfectly and that is ok! Expect mishaps and disappointments alongside the joys.⁣

#7 – Unwind

What helps you unwind? Find a way to do a little of that this week. If it's not possible to do exactly what you want in this regard, modify it or try something new. ⁣

This peppermint and rosemary foot soak would be a quick and easy way to refresh. 

8. Legs up the wall

This might sound silly, but it really works! Lay on the floor with your legs up the wall for a few minutes. This helps relieve lower back tension, promote relaxation, increase circulation, and soothe swollen feet. 

Give it a try!

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