The Thing We All Have in Common – Imperfection {31 Days to Clean}

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Today I'm confessing. I'm feeling rather nervous about it too.

Here's a excerpt:

I’m ashamed to admit there have been times when the pursuit of perfection, or rather the appearance of perfection, has hurt my family.

Remembering occasions in which I barked orders or completely ignored my children in an attempt to impress someone with a spotless home, brings me much sadness and regret.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking everyone is better than me.

Read the rest at the Homemaker's Challenge.

Will you love me even though I'm often messy?

I'm also linking up with Breaking Down the Mommy Wars at Rediscovering Domesticity.

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  1. Thanks Stacy for this post 🙂 I’m new to your blog, but think it’s fantastic! Just wanted to say that I’m becoming more and more aware that other homemakers feel the same about this – striving to be perfect and comparing themselves, but not accepting who they really are. I just wrote about this very topic on my blog and was surprised by the amount of views. Thanks for keeping it real and honest – we’re a sisterhood and it’s great to share our humanity in Christ. Blessings!

    1. Thanks Sarah. I love that you said we’re a sisterhood. I feel the same way. When we are real and honest we can all grow. I’ll have to check out the post you wrote.

      I appreciate you taking the time to encourage 🙂