3 Simple Exercises You Can Do at Home

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3 simple exercises you can do at home

Sometimes thinking about what exercises to do (and when to do them) can be overwhelming.

Sometimes the thought of exercising at all can be overwhelming!

As you know, it truly is worth the effort to move your body. It's not just helpful physically, exercise also boosts your mental well-being.

Exercise does not have to be complicated (or extremely difficult) to be effective. Below are a few simple exercises to keep in mind. These can be sprinkled throughout your day to help you build strength and increase your metabolism.

Each exercise contains video demonstrations. If you are reading via email or rss and can't see them, click through to the post to view.

 Kitchen Counter Push Ups

These are excellent for your arms and shoulders (and even your abs). Do a few when there is a spare minute in the kitchen or bathroom. I sometimes do these in the bathroom while my youngest is having a bath.

This video explains (and demonstrates) how to do a kitchen-counter push up:


Squats are on one of the best lower body exercises. They work the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings.

Squats can be done slowly (holding a weight, can of beans, or baby) or quickly (to raise the heart rate).

Here is an excellent video demonstration of how to squat correctly:


Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers are a simple, straight-forward exercise that can be performed anywhere. This exercise doesn't just work the legs, it also uses the core, shoulder, and arms muscles. Plus, it also becomes a cardiovascular exercise when done at a reasonably quick speed.

See how to do mountain climbers in the video below:


Adding these exercises to your day is a great way to build strength and give your cardiovascular system a work out. If you are looking for more exercises that are gentle on the body and not overly complicated, I encourage you to check out Fit2B Studio, which is geared specifically to women, and focuses on providing tummy safe workouts (in order to heal diastasis recti).

Get a 3 month Fit2B Membership for just $20 which is a $10 savings when you use coupon code: realfitmoms


You might also enjoy Barre3's online streaming workouts. I especially enjoy the 10 minute segments that can be done throughout the day.

This is one of my favorite Barre3 workouts:

What is your favorite simple, at-home exercise?

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  1. Mine would be taking my stairs twice as fast as I can whenever I need to go up or down them which is often since I write upstairs, cook on the main floor and do the laundry in the basement. I am also trying to do some high knees now and again through out the day (slowly working on getting these 10 pounds of my body that have crept on over the 2 years I have been blogging).

  2. I’ve been interested in trying Barre classes, but they are always way too full at our gym. I never thought to look for an online video! Thanks. I think I’ll try it today.