Seasonal Makeup Hacks: Look & Feel Amazing Whatever The Weather

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Each time the seasons transition from one to another, bringing about a change in heat, weather and a generally different vibe, you too have to switch up your style in order to match the differences that occur.

It simply isn’t feasible to layer makeup in the summer how you can in the winter, and the colours within your palette should alter to suit what’s going on around you.

If you want to work with Mother Nature in order to achieve your desired look throughout every season, then you have come to the right place!

In this guide you will find everything you need to know to help you ultimately to go with the flow of nature, and represent this through the use of makeup and beauty techniques to make you feel amazing, all year round. If you want to know more, then read on for some of the best top tips to help you get started on your new seasonal looks today!

Hot Summer Aesthetic 

When the temperature starts to rise, the likelihood of products such as heavy foundations and thick eyeliner staying put is, unfortunately, very small. Each time you sweat, you increase your chances of smudging all of your hard work and essentially ruining your look (as well as creating the perfect environment for spots to form too).

During summer, it’s better to focus more on creating a strong skin care regime, as you will feel much more comfortable to skip foundation and go for a more natural look that showcases your true features. Start by making your own DIY face mask or scrub to clean your skin of any dry skin or dirt, and follow this with a suitable toner to remove any excess oil.

Never forget to moisturise, and if the sun is out, opt for a cream that has some kind of UV protection inside to stop you from unnecessarily damaging your skin.

Summer looks are always focused more around bright colours, like hot pinks and super pigmented glitter accompaniments.  Now is the time to have fun in the sun! 

Pair a strong statement lipstick with a perfect shining eyeshadow to accentuate your features and become one with all of the different beautiful flora and fauna that’s bursting into life around you.

Breezy Autumn Vibe 

As autumn rolls around, the leaves begin to fall from the trees and create that perfect scene of oranges, reds and browns that crunch beneath your feet. Reflecting this picture within your makeup is just perfect, as the scope of differing shades for these specific colours really knows no end.

Practice some different application techniques in order to combine different colours within your eye shadow, such as a striking gold and a strong chocolaty brown.

Keeping within a certain range of very warm tones with help you to match in with the world around you, and really make the most of your own features – a dark eye shadow can help your iris to glow and stand out dramatically. Pair with a wine hued lip stain to tie each colour together and finish the perfect look to embody autumn in the most stylish was possible.

Icy Winter Looks 

With snow painting your neighbourhood in a perfect glistening white, wearing too many varying colours and shades will appear mismatched amongst all of this serenity.

Ice cold temperatures and a harsh wind will make you layer up when it comes to your wardrobe, so your makeup regime doesn’t have to be so different. If you’ve ever wondered how to contour and highlight but haven’t attempted the technique, then now is the best time to get started.

The contour side will help you to create more structure within your face, and the light reflecting from snow to ice all around with bounce across your highlight for a perfect glowing look.

To continue this glow throughout the rest of your look, invest in some glitter bases eyeshadow palettes, using silver and colder colours for blue eyes and gold for those of you with hazel tones. If you want to use some colour, stick with deep tones like smokey charcoals and luxurious blues.

Spring Beauty Essentials 

Spring is all about new life with plants flourishing from left to right and cold temperatures increasing to more manageable levels.

The bright and airy vibe that spring brings about can be reflected in the makeup and beauty regime that you choose to follow, and it couldn’t be simpler to get started!

Fresh skin is a must, and a dewy glow will make a perfect base for you to layer on other more intense aspects.

Aim to avoid using a dark foundation, potentially mixing some liquid highlight in with your concealer instead to get the perfect result.

Spring looks should be as natural as possible, so try not to overdo with an excess of dark eyeshadows or statement liners. Instead, opt for soft pinks and yellows that can change the tone of your face ever so slightly, paired with an equally delicate lip gloss or balm.

Choosing a clear lip with a hint of sparkle will reflect the light around and add an extra glow to your face for the perfect spring aesthetic

Hopefully this guide can help you to create the best looks all year round, whatever the weather!

Taking inspiration from the changes in nature around you will ensure that your aesthetic fits with every season, and you will have so much fun learning new techniques to make every new idea work for you.

Remember to have confidence when you head out sporting a new look, as there really is no better accessory.

Aim to still feel comfortable to take a trip outside without feeling as though you have to put makeup on, as you are beautiful both with and without and must remind yourself of this factor regularly.

Don’t be afraid to go bold in your choices, but always remember that Mother Nature offers the perfect palette for you to work from during every single season!

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