Boy in Motion, Mom in Prayer

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Here is my son “flying” on the swing after taking spring time pictures.

Sometimes I cannot believe I have a son.

As one who grew up with a sister, I knew very little about boys.

But I'm getting an education now.

Boys are so funny, sweet, and full of energy!

I'm glad God saw fit to bless this family with a son.

This week I've been praying through the scriptures at the direction of Brooke McGlothlin's book, Warrior Prayers.

Praying intentionally for my son is changing things. I can see it. I've prayed for my son before, but not in this way.

So far, the changes I am seeing are in me. My eyes are open to see his actions more clearly. My heart feels more attuned to him. I'm seeing him as a grown up man. And how that starts RIGHT NOW.

Brooke has been sharing some great thoughts on her blog each day. I encourage you to visit her.

I have been praying the words, but thanks to Momma Kristi's encouragement, I plan to take some time to write them out next week. It's a lovely way to preserve these prayers and memories. Also, writing seems to help get things into my heart and mind better than speaking does.

Thanks Brooke for your hard work and for setting a wonderful example to mothers everywhere!

I'm linking this post to the Warrior Prayers link-up and also to Home with the Boys, Boys in Motion link up (a fun place where moms link up pictures of their boys in action).

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  1. What a lovely post! I agree, boys are all new to me too, but have been such an amazing blessing to my mother-heart. They’ve already taught me so much–and I know there’s so much more ahead!

    I highly recommend Brooke’s writing too and I love visiting over at the MOB Society. So much encouragement!

  2. oh, precious post! i’m doing the 21 days of prayer too- i love the verses – and like you, i have prayed for my 3 sons, but there is something different praying these scriptures over them with their names personally! awesome to see God moving and working in their hearts!

  3. I too grew up with a sister and had no idea what it was like to be around little boys all day long! But I love it! And I agree with Haelie…it does seem as though most of us are finding that we are the ones being changed through intentionally praying for our children. Not just praying, but praying God’s Word into their lives. It can’t help but make an impression on our hearts.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. “My eyes are open to see his actions more clearly. My heart feels more attuned to him. I’m seeing him as a grown up man. And how that starts RIGHT NOW.”

    I have had that same experience and those same thoughts! Thanks for sharing 🙂