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family systems

I have often found myself overwhelmed as wife and mom.

At times I'd even say I was paralyzed; filled with plans, desires, and hopes, yet completely unsure how implement them.

When it comes to raising kids and building a thriving family, there is a lot to think about:

  • How can we train and discipline our children effectively (and consistently)?
  • How do we teach them responsibility and how to handle money?
  • How do we make time for special occasions, creating memories and building a family culture?

All important things.

One way to make this easier is to put some family systems in place.

I've come to learn that family systems play a huge role in making family life what you want  it be.

Family systems help us build habits, routines, and traditions intentionally.

I believe the power of family systems lies in the fact that they allow us to do the things we truly want to do, instead of letting life dictate how our family turns out. 

What are Family Systems

Family systems are methods and strategies put in place to help families run efficiently and effectively. Family systems ensure kids are being taught the values and skills you want them to have.

Family systems can involve all areas of family life, such as economy, behavior , rest and relaxation, traditions, habits, and routines.

3 tips for building family systems

The following three tips are simple, but provide the stepping stones for building family systems that work.

1. Take time to think about what you want your family to be like

Picture what your family would be like in 5-10 years. What qualities do you want your children to embrace? What values are most important to you? What areas need to be developed or changed?

Taking time to think about these things helps create a road map to that destination.

2. Just Start

While it's important to think about the whys and hows, it's also important to get the ball rolling.

Don't wait until everything is perfectly planned before making changes and implement new family systems.

If you're anything like me, this is a great temptation. However, you'll probably find (as I did), that waiting for things to be perfect is a very long time to wait.

Jot down some ideas an get going. You can always tweak along the way.

Here is a family routine chart I started. It is not pretty or complete, but was a good place to begin and gave me something to work from:

a family routine

3. Get it on paper

One of the greatest benefits of building and implementing family systems is that it takes a lot of work off mom.

Constantly reminding children to do every single thing they need to do is exhausting (ask me how I know), but getting it on paper and training them to use that instead of you, provides a lot of freedom!

Mom can ask them if they've checked their chart rather than running down a huge list of questions to see if they have done what they need to do.

One great tool that has helped me build family systems is the building family systems course from Power of Moms.

Building Your Family Systems Giveaway! {$67 Value}


This program helped me think about what was truly important to my family and gave me practical ways to live according to those values.

The Power of Moms' website states:

“Children who know how to behave, how to work, and how to manage money will likely do well in life. And if they feel a strong sense of identity, belonging and love, they'll do even better. We're here to help you create the systems that will offer your children what they need and make your family life more peaceful, satisfying and fun.”

Building Family Systems is a powerful 3-part online training program that  helps you learn how to set up:

  • a system or rules and consequences that really works and makes kids WANT to behave
  • a family economic system that teaches kids about work and money
  • a family culture that makes kids love being part of your family

It includes:

  • Three 1-hour webinars:
    #1: Building Your Family Legal System: Helping Kids WANT to Behave
    #2: Building Your Family Economic System: Teaching Kids About Work and Money
    #3: Building Your Family Culture: Identity and Traditions
  • Worksheets and family activity guides
  • Access to our Family Systems forum
  • Supplemental podcasts and webinars

I found this training equal parts encouraging and practical; because of what I learned, I'm able to make changes that are helping my family  grow and thrive.

After listening I immediately began creating a job chart for my kids and also started a discussion with my husband regarding areas we needed to address.

It definitely got the ball rolling and not only that, this course gave me step-by-step instructions for building and creating these new systems in my home. 

I'm thrilled that Power of Moms is going to give a copy of this amazing program to one you!

To enter to win, use the Rafflecopter below. If you are reading via email, click here to access the post and use the Rafflecopter.
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What ways do you think building family systems would benefit your family?

I was provided a copy of Building Family systems at no cost for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own. 


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  1. I need this so badly I could cry. I am so overwhelmed and everything is so chaotic in our home which drives me crazy. Ever since my third baby was born (10 months ago) I just haven’t been able to get things together.

  2. I am really interested in learning about creating a family culture. I know what I want, but I’m still not sure how to implement it.

  3. I think anything would be better than what we’re doing now. I just can’t seem to find a system that works for our family.

  4. I love this concept but have no clue how to implement it! This would be an incredible tool!

  5. We are one month away from summer break and I know from past experiences that I need systems in place during the summer or I will lose my mind!!!! I need this course SO SO SO BADLY.

  6. Oh this sounds great! I definitely feel like having a plan and an idea in mind of what we want our family to look like in the future would make a huge difference in how we do things now!

  7. Oh my goodness, Stacy, this is what I need! Goodness, I’ve been saying I need to get a chore chart up for the past few months and it still hasn’t been done. I love that you said to just start. So crossing my fingers I win this, lol!!

  8. We have the chore chart, but I still need to get them to follow through with the tasks before they scatter. Thank you for the opportunity and the exposure to this resource.

  9. I need this system so bad. since I had my baby I lost control over everything and I’m desperate for help to get out of the caotic life I’m living

  10. I can’t stress the importance of rhythms and it’s something we struggle with as outside forces often break that rhythm. I would love to learn more to help us keep it going!

  11. Sounds like a great program! I would love to learn more, especially with summer coming quickly!

  12. I looked at it and I’d like to know more. I’m constantly working to organize our homeschool, so I’d like to do more to have “flow” in our home management systems as well.

  13. This course sounds really interesting! I think that my husband and I are good at a few of these things… we have very small children still and are actively building and revising our family traditions, especially holiday ones. But the Family Legal System might need an overhaul because we aren’t always on the same page anymore and we actually have a child old enough to test the boundaries.

  14. I kind of mentioned it in my previous comment, but I’m interested in learning how to improve the obedience/discipline in our family (the Family Legal System). I’m also interested in learning how to create a family culture so strong that it trumps peer pressure.

  15. I would love this family systems. It is something I always think about, but get so overwhelmed it falls to the wayside. I have 2 children with special needs and life runs so fast, the direction and help would be tremendous for our family.

  16. our big issue is we don’t have a regular income being self employed – so budgets have just got the best of me ….i need help!

  17. I am a single mother, so this would really help me to organize all of the partial systems I have in place.

  18. I think the parenting alone and finance seminars would both be extremely helpful for me. I long to teach my children about money, but there never seems to be enough money to manage!

  19. As a mother of a 2-year-old I am constantly learning better ways and new things to ensure my family succeeds. Any education that I can provide myself and my family with helps.

  20. I can honestly say that I am interested in all 3: Building Your Family Legal System-healthy assistance with discipline is always great; Building Your Family Economic System-teaching our children about work and money are extremely important to their independent success later on; and Building Your Family Culture-I really want my children to know where they belong and never doubt it.

  21. As a growing family with 9 children, we need updated systems with focus! Daily life would be easier!

  22. I think anything that would help a family have order and routine is beneficial. We struggle badly with these things.

  23. I have a huge desire to live intentionally and I have been wanting to implement more structure into our home and day. I would love to learn all I can from this program!

  24. Our family is very unstructured. My husband and I don’t have a concrete goal so we just floating through life without a preserver. I know we need structure, but I don’t where to begin.

  25. I think it would be beneficial to help teach the value of learning and saving money for the kids.

  26. i don’t feel like we’re all on the same page — how can we move forward when we’re all headed in different directions. thanks for the chance.

  27. ~My family has always been chaotic it seems. I’m one of those people that need everything written down. And steps to follow would be fantastic!!!
    ~I really like the concept that this program involves the entire family. I could really use advice on this; since the youngest is 10!