5 Quick and Easy Tips for Drinking More Water Each Day

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5 Quick and Easy Tips for Drinking More Water Everyday | aDelightulHome.com

Drinking plenty of water each day is an important way to maintain our health and well-being. With our busy lives, it can often be a challenge. I know that in order to make sure I was drinking enough; I had to get creative and find ways to motivate myself while also keeping things easy. Don’t forget, developing a routine takes time so chip away at it bit by bit. So take these tips for drinking more water one at a time until you find what works for you.


Tips for Drinking More Water

1. Get a Cute Cup:

I know it doesn’t sound like much but, there is something about a cute cup that makes me want to drink more water. A little motivation and encouragement goes a long way so why not have some fun with your drinking vessel of choice.

My current favorite is a mason jar with a straw top. It’s perfect for summer!

I also love the Hydroflask for keeping drinks cool all day.

5 Quick and Easy Tips for Drinking More Water Everyday | aDelightulHome.com

2. Start and End your Day with Water

Make it a goal to start each morning and end each night with a glass of water. This has made the biggest difference for me. A full glass of water as soon as I get up really boosts my energy and gets me ready to face the day. Its really easy to fit drinking more water into your morning and bedtime routine and that guarantees that no matter what happens throughout the day, you’ve at least gotten those two cups in. This is a great way to start if you are really struggling to stay hydrated.

3. Add Fruit:

I don’t do artificial anything so those flavoring packets are not for me. I use “nature's flavor packet” to keep my water tasting fresh and to add some variety. Lemon is great not only for the taste but also because it really helps with digestion. Some of my other favorites include fresh mint leaves, slightly crushed berries, and cucumber slices.

As a side tip, slice up fresh fruit when it’s in season and pop it in the freezer. Then you can use it all year round and as a bonus, it keeps your water cold for you.

You can even use a special-designed fruit-infuser water bottle.

5 Quick and Easy Tips for Drinking More Water Everyday | aDelightulHome.com

4. Take it With You

I found that on days when I was out of the house, I wouldn’t drink nearly as much water as when I was home. To remedy this, I bought myself a reusable water bottle. I fill it up and add a few frozen lemon slices to add flavor and to keep it cold. Make sure to check and see if your water bottle fits in your cars cup holder. I know it sounds silly but my first bottle didn’t fit and it drove me crazy!

5. Get a Friend or Family Member to Help
Team up with your husband, a friend or co-worker to encourage each other. Having someone to check in with you and hold you accountable can really help especially when you get busy and it’s easy to let things slide. I fill both my water bottle and my husbands each night and put them in the refrigerator for us to grab in the morning. Knowing that he is expecting his water bottle to be ready to go really helps me remember my own. Being on a team helps us both to drink more water each day.

If you have been struggling to drink more water, I hope you give these tips a try. Staying hydrated helps with digestion, maintains energy, and even helps with a clear complexion. As I mentioned before, work some of these tips into your daily routine and soon it will become a habit.


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  1. Great article. Number 4 is especially useful! If the bottle of water is close to you, it will be much easier to increase the daily portion. Trust me.

  2. I just set my timer to go off every hour. If I haven’t already finished my glass of water, I finish it up and refill.