How to Make a Rock Necklace

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I love rocks. They are so unique and earthy. I’m often tempted to bring a few home with me whenever we spend the day at the river or go camping.

My kids and I had fun making rock necklaces a few weeks ago. They are quick to put together and make a unique piece of jewelry.

I really like the idea of making them with rocks from special outings or camping trips. It's a nice way to make some stylish memorabilia.

We also tried making them into rock bracelets, which I think looks pretty cool, too.

This simple rock necklace is a fun way to carry a little nature with you and keep memories of a special day out close to you.

You’ll need:

  • A small rock
  • Leather cord (for stringing around your neck)
  • Krazy glue (or other strong, waterproof glue)
  • 26 gauge wire
  • Scissors
  • Nail clippers (if your scissors will not cut wire)
  • A paper plate, or other area for making the necklace without worrying about glue damaging the surface

Measure the length of cord you would like for the necklace, add two inches for tying, then cut.

Fold the cord in half and mark the middle.

Open cord and lay flat.

Place a dot of glue in the center of the rock. Press rock onto the center of the cord.

Allow to dry.

Once dry, turn rock over so the side with the glued cord is facing up.

Lay wire over the rock with the end pointing down about 1/2 inch below the rock.

Holding the stone and the cord, wrap the wire tightly around the center of the rock five or six times.

Bring the wire around the back of the rock and cut it to the same length as the end of the wire that is laying about 1/2 inch below the rock.

Twist the ends around one another so they don’t unravel.

Place a dot of glue on the ends of the twisted wires and tuck them up under the cord.

Press the cord down and leave to dry. (This is done to keep the wires from scratching your neck. If the wires are sticking out above the cord, snip them off so that they stay covered by the leather.)

Add a few extra dots of glue to any parts of the cord that you would like to to stick to the rock. (I glued down any any parts of the cord that were naturally touching the rock.)

Set the necklace on a flat surface to dry.

When ready to wear, bring the cord up around the back of your neck and tie a knot.

Here is another one my daughter made:

Or use a shorter cord and wear as a bracelet:

I’m sure there are other ways these rock necklaces could be used. Napkin rings, perhaps? Bookmarks? I’m not sure that rock earrings would work, though.

{I learned to make these necklaces in a fun little book titled: Camp out! The Ultimate Kid’s Guide}

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